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We stock more hand-painted Christmas ornament designs than any other category, but because of this, it is very difficult to keep our ornament listing accurate and up-to-date (reflecting what is currently in stock and the current prices for designs, as well as keeping up with what is and isn't available for reorder). Because of this, for the time being we are not showing Christmas ornament designs on their own page. Some ornaments will continue to be shown on our "New Needlepoint" pages but please keep in mind that there will occasionally be cases where a design is shown that is no longer in stock.

All hand-painted needlepoint design copyrights are owned by the named artists/companies. Website copyright 2005-16. All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

*Canvas prices are those in effect at the time the canvas was listed on our web site; if we have sold the canvas, there is a possibility the current price will be higher, due to price increases by the manufacturer. We are always happy to quote the current price for a canvas that is not in stock.