Books in Alphabetical Order by Author

Bishop, Christine Schwalm Embroidery: Techniques and Designs
Brown, Mary Goldwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects
Bradley, Elizabeth Decorative Victorian Needlepoint
Bradley, Elizabeth Needlework Antique Flowers
Cole, AlisonGoldwork Masterclass
Cole, AlisonStumpwork Masterclass
Country BumpkinA-Z of Bullions
Country BumpkinA-Z of Crewel Embroidery
Country BumpkinA-Z of Embroidery Stitches
Country BumpkinA-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2
Country BumpkinA-Z of Goldwork
Country BumpkinA-Z of Needlepoint
Country BumpkinA-Z of Ribbon Embroidery
Country BumpkinA-Z of Stumpwork
Country BumpkinA-Z of Whitework
Country BumpkinA-Z of Wool Embroidery
Franklin, TracyNew Ideas in Goldwork
Howren, Suzanne and Beth RobertsonEven More Stitches for Effect
Howren, Suzanne and Beth RobertsonMore Stitches for Effect
Howren, Suzanne and Beth RobertsonStitches for Effect
Howren, Suzanne and Beth RobertsonStitches to Go
Lampe, DianaEmbroidery For All Seasons
Lansberry, LizzyWhitework (RSN Essential Stitch Guide)
Lejeune, ValérieMiniscules & Majuscules
Marsh, Gail18th Century Embroidery Techniques
Mitrofanis, EffieCasalguidi Style Linen Embroidery
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Darn Stitches
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Lite Stitches
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Mini Stitches
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Portable Stitches
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Portable Stitches II
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Small Stitches
Murphy, SuZySuZy's Surprize Stitches
Nicholas, JaneComplete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery
Nicholas, JaneJapanese Motifs in Stumpwork
Nicholas, JaneStumpwork Dragonflies
Nicholas, JaneStumpwork Embroidery: a Collection of Fruits, Flowers and Insects
Nicholas, JaneStumpwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects
Nicholas, JaneStumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection, the
Prickett, ElizabethRuskin Lace & Linen Work
Ring, BettyGirlhood Embroidery
Russell, BethArts and Crafts Needlepoint
Russell, BethBeth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint
Russell, BethTraditional Needlepoint
Russell, BethVictorian Needlepoint
Saunders, SallyRoyal School of Needlework Embroidery Techniques
Serena, RaffaellaAnimal Embroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna
Serena, RaffaellaEmbroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna
Sforza, ElisabettaA Flower Alphabet (Un Alfabeto a Fiori)
Sforza, ElisabettaRose to Rose (Di rosa in rosa)
Sforza, ElisabettaIn a Wheat Field (In un Campo di Grano)
Sforza, ElisabettaA Sea to Stitch (Ricamare il Mare)
Toomer, HeatherBaby Wore White
Toomer, HeatherEmbroidered with White
Toomer, HeatherFashionable White-Embroidered Accessories
Toomer, HeatherWhite-Embroidered Costume Accessories
Van Wyk, HetsieEmbroider Now
Wilkins, LesleyBeginner's Guide to Blackwork