Berlin.jpg - 8064 BytesBerlin Work Samplers & Embroidery of the 19th Century by Raffaella Serena is not currently available from us.
19thCVienna.jpg - 9945 BytesEmbroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna by Raffaella Serena is the second book by this author. This new book is about Victorian needlepoint designs, which were stitched from hand-colored graphs. The first 165 pages is about their history and is profusely illustrated with reproductions of dozens of the original graphs, as well as some photographs of stitched examples. The last 27 pages consist of modern graphs of selected designs (predominantly floral). These graphs use black-and-white symbols and are much easier for most people to use than the orignal graphs, and have been coded to DMC floss and/or DMC tapestry wool. Not counting the graphs in the first part of the book, the 37 black-and-white graphs work out to an average price of only $1.34 each, a bargain price for graphs of this sort. A welcome addition to the library of anyone who likes traditional needlepoint designs.

Embroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna (1998, 206 pages, hardcover)  $49.50

AnimalEmbroideries.jpg - 8553 BytesAnimal Embroideries and Patterns by Raffaella Serena is the third book of Victorian needlepoint designs by this author, and it is every bit as scrumptious as her other two. It is very similar in layout to her Embroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna book, but this time the emphasis in on designs featuring animals. This layout consists of illustrations of dozens of Victorian era Berlin-type graphs. These are graphs that used hand-applied paint to a grid to represent a design. Some of these graphs are large enough to be easily used by the modern stitcher but others have been reduced greatly in size to fit in the book, making them difficult to use as is. However, again as with the previous book, the author has selected certain designs (a total of 39, that works out to only $1.27 per design!) and recharted them in a modern, black-and-white cross-stitch style graph, using symbols rather than color, which many people find easier to use. These 39 designs, which include the dove design that appeared on the cover of Embroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna, are color-coded to at least one and in some cases up to 3 different types of thread: DMC floss (stranded cotton/mouline), DMC Medicis wool, and DMC tapestry wool/Laine Colbert. Just an aside, the list of symbols and color numbers appear at the very end of the book and are separated from the graphs themselves. Animal designs run the gamut from domestic animals, farm animals, and wild animals from Europe as well as exotic animals from all parts of the globe. Another breathtakingly beautiful book.

Animal Embroideries and Patterns (2001, 236 pages, hardcover) $49.50

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Arts and Crafts Needlepoint by Beth Russell is currently out of stock.

TraditionalNeedlepoint.jpg - 10990 Bytes

Traditional Needlepoint by Beth Russell is out of print and out of stock.

WmMorrisNdpt.jpg - 8521 BytesBeth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint has recently been reprinted. This third book of William Morris designs by this author includes projects both large and small. Projects include designs of a peacock, raven, and lion (with typical Morris greenery in the background), as well as floral and fruit designs. One new design (Artichoke 3) was added to this edition of this book. Designs are stitched primarily with either Appleton tapestry or crewel yarn (a few are done with cotton floss). A change in this revised edition is that at the end of the book, Beth Russell has personally converted Appleton wool colors to DMC floss colors for those who wish to do these designs in cross stitch rather than needlepoint. Charts are in color, but are clear and easy to read. Note: this edition was privately published by Beth Russell and as a result, is considerably more expensive than her other books; however, we have set our price below the suggested retail price.

Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint (2006 edition of 1995 original, 134 pages, hard cover) $58.00

DecorativeVictorian.jpg - 8803 BytesDecorative Victorian Needlework by Elizabeth Bradley is the first book by this world-renowned Welsh needlepoint designer. This is a new hardback reprint of the original, out-of-print hardcover (the paperback edition is also now out of print). It is a must-have for anyone who likes traditional Victorian designs. Included are charts of animals, flowers, geometrics, borders, etc. Graphs are printed in color (some of the larger, more complex charts are a little difficult to follow). Charts are coded to "Elizabeth Bradley" wool (cross-reference charts to other brands of yarn have unfortunately been omitted from this edition). Note: Ms. Bradley uses a special form of cross stitch rather than the more common continental stitch; however, the choice of stitch is yours as long as you use the correct weight of yarn for the canvas mesh selected.

Decorative Victorian Needlework (2008 reprint of 1990 original, 166 pages, hardcover) $58.00

NdwkAntiqueFlowers.jpg - 10456 BytesNeedlework Antique Flowers by Elizabeth Bradley is the second book by the author. It is divided into sections based on the four seasons, with appropriate designs in each section. My favorite design from this book is "Roses and Lace" which is a Victorian spray of roses and rosebuds with a delicate striped background and lace border. Please note that in spite of the title of this book and the fact that most of the designs are indeed of flowers, there are several others such as a Christmas pudding, some bird designs, and some crazy quilt designs that have nothing to do with flowers. The charts in this book consist of colored graphs, on which are superimposed hand-drawn symbols. Charts are coded for "Elizabeth Bradley wool." Cross-reference charts to other brands of yarn have unfortunately been omitted from this edition; the original edition of this book contained conversion charts to DMC, Appleton and Anchor tapestry wool.

Needlework Antique Flowers (2008 reprint of 1993 original, 166 pages, hardcover) $58.00

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