We are currently stocking buttons made by three different button companies: Just Another Button Company (polymer clay buttons), Susan Clarke Originals (hand-painted brass buttons, charms and attachments) and Mill Hill (ceramic buttons). Please note that we stock literally hundreds of different buttons, but we do not keep dozens of each individual button in stock. If you are needing large quantities of a single button, please allow enough time for us to special-order them for you.

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JUST ANOTHER BUTTON COMPANY BUTTONS are wonderful buttons made of Cernit clay. Unlike Mill Hill buttons, which have a glazed finish painted on the top surface, the color in these buttons comes from the clay itself, and penetrates through the entire button (thus you can change the direction a button faces from left to right simply by flipping it over). These have a larger size range than Mill Hill buttons as well, from very tiny seeds and strawberries to much larger buttons. These buttons are hand-made and there will be slight differences from batch to batch. Prices vary depending on the button.

Washing instructions for Just Another Button Company (JABC) buttons: the manufacturer suggests that you can machine wash and dry them at low temperature and you may also dry clean them. A hot iron should be kept away from the buttons lest they become shiny. Sew them on with a small sewing or quilting needle (a beading needle or #28 tapestry needle may also work). Do not try to force a needle through the holes or the button could break.

Please note that until the summer of 1999 this company was known as "Just My Imagination" or "JMI" for short. To bring up a listing of Just Another Button Company/Just My Imagination buttons, click on the numbers/category to the left.

be73.jpg - 12070 BytesSUSAN CLARKE ORIGINALS BUTTONS are hand-painted on brass with the look of enamel (they are not actually enamel). Because they are hand-painted they will vary slightly from one button to another. None of them are made with button HOLES; most have a small metal shank on the back that is used to attach the buttons. A few are considered "sew-downs" meaning they have neither hole nor shank, but are sewn on with a tacking thread across a portion of the button; while a limited number of these buttons have a single hole through them like a bead. In addition to the shank and sew-down buttons, Susan Clarke has also introduced a line of hand-painted charms that are sewn on with a hanging loop. We stock many but not all Susan Clarke buttons. Susan Clarke is no longer manufacturing these and although they have a large inventory of many left, as they sell out they will no longer be available.

Washing instructions provided by the manufacturer suggest that they be washed in cold water, and removed before dry cleaning. If used on clothing, they recommend the clothing be washed inside out to protect the buttons.

To view these buttons, click on the category to the left.

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MILL HILL CERAMIC BUTTONS come in a large variety of designs. These are hand-painted ceramic buttons.

Washing instructions provided by the manufacturer suggest hand-washing only.

These buttons are listed on our website in numerical order. Click on the numbers to the left to bring up lists with pictures of Mill Hill Buttons. April 2023: Wichelt Imports/Mill Hill has announced that their ceramic buttons are no longer being produced and wil no longer be available once the existing supply is gone. We will attempt to indicate on our website when specific buttons are no longer available but they are selling very quickly and the website may not accurately reflect what we still have on hand. They will begin using buttons by Just Another Button Company in their Mill Hill kits.

REAL SILVER OR GOLD-FILLED SPANGLES are a little like very classy sequins. Also known as paillettes, these flat round spangles with a hole in the center come in several sizes:


Approx. No./Package

Size 4, 3/8


Size 8, 3/16"


Size 14, 1/8"


Size 16, 7/64"
(gold only)


Size 17, 3/32"
(silver only)


Size 18, 3/32"
(gold only)


Size 20, 5/64"
(silver only)


Spangles are sold by weight, so the smaller the spangle the more spangles there will be in the one-gram package.

Price per 1 gram package of spangles ..... $3.00

ACCESS COMMODITIES GOLD SPANGLES are similar to the above spangles, but come in gold only. They come in four sizes:

Size F-3 (GTSF3), .25 gram, $3.50

Size F-4 (GTSF4), .25 gram, $4.00

Size A (GTSP1), .5 gram, $4.50

Size C (GTSP3), .5 gram, $4.00

If you are looking for a bead or attachment not listed here,
please contact us as we do have others in stock.


e-mail: custservice@threadneedlestreet.com

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