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From Seattle or points west of Issaquah, get on I-90 heading east. I-90 will bring you to within a couple of blocks of the store.

As you approach Issaquah (depending on traffic about a half hour from downtown Seattle), the signs will say "Issaquah - next three exits."

You want the second exit, which is the Front Street exit. As you leave the freeway, you will turn right onto Front Street (because the right lane becomes a right turn only lane, you will want to move left one lane as soon as it is safe once you are on Front Street). After this turn off the freeway it is a straight run to the store. You will pass Gilman Boulevard (traffic light) - we are on the next block. You will pass a Chevron gas station, Bank of America, Darigold building (huge yellow building painted with murals of farmers and cows). We are in the very next building after the Darigold on the same side of the street.

Issaquah2.JPG - 3803 BytesIt is a long two-story butter/tan colored building with white trim, with several businesses (the address for the entire building is 485 Front Street North; the number is on the end of the building, not directly in front of our front door). We are almost at the far (south) end of the building, behind white lace curtains (just to the right of a yoga studio. You can park on the street if space is available, or you can keep going and pull into our parking lot at the south end of the building.

Coming to Issaquah from the east on I-90, the directions are similar (take the Front Street exit) except that you will turn left instead of right as you exit I-90 on Front Street.

Threadneedle Street
485 Front Street North, Suite B
Issaquah WA 98027

(425) 391-0528

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