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0 - $20.00 Between $3.75 (lightweight orders) up to $14.00 (for heavier items))
$20.01 - $40.00 Between $3.75 (lightweight orders) up to $20.00 (for heavier items)
$40.01 - $60.00 Approximate charge of $22.00 (for heavier items only; for lighter items actual charge will be less)
$60.01 and up Approximate charge of $24.00 if ordering heavier items (for light items, actual charge will be less - Needlework System 4 orders will most likely have a higher shipping charge; contact us for an estimate
** For shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign countries, please contact us for an estimate of shipping costs, and specify the shipping method you desire (UPS, air mail, etc.).

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