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RETURN POLICY ON THREAD: Like most needlework retailers, we do not allow returns on thread except when there has been an error on our part. Please keep this in mind before you buy. When in doubt, we recommend you buy and test a small amount prior to ordering larger quantities. We have very low shipping charges of approximately $4.25 (subject to change) for small thread orders sent to US addresses to enable you to do this affordably. There are many reasons for this, but a primary reason is that once the thread has left our store, we can no longer verify that it has been kept clean and unused, and in most cases, we can no longer tell which dye lot a given thread came from. Therefore you can be confident that the thread you buy from us is clean, unused, and that we can send you multiple skeins from a single dye lot when that is important. If you buy thread from a company that accepts returned thread, how do you know where the thread they sell you has been before it gets to you?

CONVERTING THREAD: From time to time we get requests to convert thread from one brand to another or one type to another. This can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task and we regret that we are no longer able to offer this service.

This page updated May 5, 2023.


Linen thread has been used in needlework for thousands of years, and in many parts of the world was once in more common use than cotton. It has a tendency to be a bit "springy" and somewhat uneven in diameter (the finer the thread the less noticeable this is). It is also a very strong thread in general, although it will wear easily in the eye of the needle, so it's a good idea to leave a short tail hanging from the needle to start, and not to slide the needle along the length of thread as it is used up. Another note about linen: a "natural" color of linen (either thread or fabric) is a brown color, not an off-white. The shade of natural will depend on the batch of linen (and perhaps the processing?), being sometimes more of a grayed brown and other times more of a golden brown, but it will be a brown. I mention this because sometimes people think a "natural" color would be the same as a natural color of cotton, which would be much, much lighter than a linen (wow, this is turning into a linen 101 lesson, and we haven't even discussed wet spun versus dry spun linen!).

A note about linen thread sizing: the lower the number, the larger the thread (i.e. a 35/2 is larger than a 60/2). The number before the slash symbol (/) refers to the linen thread size. The number after the slash symbol refers to the number of ply that make up the thread. To use the term "ply" in this sense does not mean that this thread is to be divided or separated for use (that would weaken it substantially). It refers to the spinning process when the thread is made. All other factors being equal, a 3 ply thread is heavier and stronger than a 2 ply thread. Linen thread sizes are different than threads made out of other fibers such as cotton or silk and a size of linen thread is not necessarily the same size as a thread made out of another fiber that uses the same number. For needleworkers, the larger sizes of linen threads are good for use in lacing fabric for framing; while the smaller sizes are better suited to pulled thread, drawn thread, hemstitching, etc. The count of the fabric you are working on will necessarily affect the size of the linen thread you choose. NONE of our linen thread is waxed.

All the linen thread we sell has been manufactured for use in lacemaking or for hand embroidery (decorative stitching). An increasing number of people have been contacting us wanting to buy linen thread for actual sewing (i.e. seams, buttonholes) done both by hand and by sewing machine. None of our threads are manufactured to be used as sewing threads; however, several people have told us they have had good results using our Londonderry linen thread. We don't have the expertise to advise you what choices to make for these purposes. We can only suggest you try a few sizes and test the results for yourself (size 18/3 is heaviest, size 100/3 is the finest Londonderry). For normal sewing purposes the size 80/3 has worked well for many customers but PLEASE TEST FOR YOURSELF and be prepared to experiment with adjusting sewing machine tension and testing different needles.)

If you are interested in linen thread for modelmaking, although we ourselves have no expertise in this area we can provide a very limited amount of help thanks to a customer of ours who makes models, but if you need it for any other purpose, we are not able to advise you as to what to buy. For those who need to know the diameter size in inches for our Londonderry linen thread, please click here to see a PDF file that was created by a model-maker customer of ours.

We also are not able to sell wholesale.

DMC used to make 24 colors of linen embroidery floss. This was similar to their cotton embroidery floss, consisting of thread that divides into 6 indivisible strands, on 8 meter (8.8 yard) skeins, only it is made of 100% linen. The colors coordinate with cotton floss colors, just omit the L from the color number to know the equivalent or similar shade in cotton. Special note: DMC has discontinued their linen thread and we have none left.

LONDONDERRY LINEN THREAD is a wonderful high quality linen thread which is very smooth for a linen thread. The most exciting thing about it is that it comes in colors in sizes as small as 80/3! Please note that white Londonderry linen thread is not a stark white but a soft white, and it is occasionally possible that a dark batch of "white" and a light batch of "ivory" can end up looking very similar to each other. Londonderry Linen is the linen thread people most often buy from us to use in sewing. If you need a large number of spools in one color and size, please allow additional time.
Sample Color
12 meters/13 yards
20 meters/22 yards
30 meters/33 yards
50 meters/55 yards
50 meters/55 yards
jonquil.jpg - 1295 Bytes Jonquil 1801 3001 5001 8001 Not available in size 100/3
canary.jpg - 1169 Bytes Canary 1803 3003 3003 8003 Not available in size 100/3
maplesugar.jpg - 1262 Bytes Maple Sugar 1805 3005 5005 8005 Not available in size 100/3
sweetpotato.jpg - 1357 Bytes Sweet Potato 1807 3007 5007 8007 Not available in size 100/3
wildrose.jpg - 1148 Bytes Wild Rose 1810 3010 5010 8010 Not available in size 100/3
cottoncandy.jpg - 1235 Bytes Cotton Candy 1815 3015 5015 8015 Not available in size 100/3
azaleapink.jpg - 1204 Bytes Azalea Pink 1820 3020 5020 8020 Not available in size 100/3
violet.jpg - 1234 Bytes Violet 1825 3025 5025 8025 Not available in size 100/3
lilac.jpg - 1202 Bytes Lilac 1830 3030 5030 8030 Not available in size 100/3
terracotta.jpg - 1256 Bytes Terra Cotta 1835 3035 5035 8035 Not available in size 100/3
redwood.jpg - 1210 Bytes Redwood 1840 3040 5040 8040 Not available in size 100/3
cabernet.jpg - 1150 Bytes Cabernet 1845 3045 5045 8045 Not available in size 100/3
saddlebrown.jpg - 1399 Bytes Saddle Brown 1848 3048 5048 8048 Not available in size 100/3
clovebrown.jpg - 1148 Bytes Clove Brown 1850 3050 5050 8050 Not available in size 100/3
persian.jpg - 1257 Bytes Persian Green 1855 3055 5055 8055 Not available in size 100/3
peacock.jpg - 1223 Bytes Peacock Green 1860 3060 5060 8060 Not available in size 100/3
dandeliongreensmall.jpg - 1194 Bytes Dandelion Green 1863 3063 5063 8063 Not available in size 100/3
forestgreen Forest Green 1864 3064 5064 8064 Not available in size 100/3
evergreen.jpg - 1145 Bytes Evergreen 1865 3065 5065 8065 Not available in size 100/3
cornflower.jpg - 1225 Bytes Cornflower 1870 3070 5070 8070 Not available in size 100/3
bluebird.jpg - 1234 Bytes Bluebird 1875 3075 5075 8075 Not available in size 100/3
bluebonnet.jpg - 1147 Bytes Bluebonnet 1878 3078 5078 8078 Not available in size 100/3
ashgray.jpg - 1279 Bytes Ash Gray 1880 3080 5080 8080 10080
beige.jpg - 1255 Bytes Beige 1885 3085 5085 8085 10085
white.jpg - 1012 Bytes White 1890 3090 5090 8090 10090
ivory.jpg - 1161 Bytes Ivory 1895 3095 5095 8095 10095
black.jpg - 1044 Bytes Black 1899 3099 5099 8099 10099


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