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RETURN POLICY ON THREAD: Like most needlework retailers, we do not allow returns on thread except when there has been an error on our part. Please keep this in mind before you buy. When in doubt, we recommend you buy and test a small amount prior to ordering larger quantities. We have very low shipping charges of approximately $4.25 (subject to change) for small thread orders sent to US addresses to enable you to do this affordably. There are many reasons for this, but a primary reason is that once the thread has left our store, we can no longer verify that it has been kept clean and unused, and in most cases, we can no longer tell which dye lot a given thread came from. Therefore you can be confident that the thread you buy from us is clean, unused, and that we can send you multiple skeins from a single dye lot when that is important. If you buy thread from a company that accepts returned thread, how do you know where the thread they sell you has been before it gets to you?

CONVERTING THREAD: From time to time we get requests to convert thread from one brand to another or one type to another. This can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task and we regret that we are no longer able to offer this service.

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KREINIK METALLICS have a large color range, with most colors available in several types of thread. Please note that older publications refer to these as "Balger" metallics. These threads are:

Blending filament (regular) is a very fine weight thread with a crinkly texture. It is abbreviated as "B.F." on the color listing below.

Blending (high luster) is a very fine weight thread with a smooth shiny texture.

Cord is a very fine weight thread with a smooth texture and round construction.

Cable (gold and silver only) is made of three strands of cord twisted together.

Braid comes in five sizes, #4, #8, #12, #16 and #32 (#4 is the finest; #32 is the heaviest). It is made of blending filament or cord which has been braided together to make a heavier, rounded thread. It comes in the same colors as the regular and high luster blending filaments and cords, and also in blended colors which are made of more than one color of blending filament (#4 and #12 braid currently come in a limited number of colors).

Ribbon, like the braid, is made of blending filaments and cords, but in a flat, ribbon-like construction. It comes in 1/16" and 1/8" widths.

Ombre is made of either silver or gold blending filament braided loosely with another thread to give the construction some color (except for gold, silver and pearl all the ombre colors are variegated).

Braid and Ribbon are also available in "Japan Gold" #002J and "Japan Silver" #001J.

People with older patterns may see this thread referred to as "Balger" (Balger is a French name and is pronounced "Ball-zhay", not "Ball-jer.").

For a listing of which colors are available in which type of thread, click here (this is intended to open a second web browser but the link might not work if you have popups blocked on your computer, so if this link does not work, please try this link). Grayed areas indicates that the color is not presently available in this type of thread. 1/16" refers to 1/16" ribbon; 1/8" refers to 1/8" ribbon. Because of very limited demand for size 32 braid, this size will now be availablel from us by special order (we may, however, already have some colors in stock so please inquire).

For Japan Gold 002J, Japan Silver 001J Japan Dark Gold 321J colors in braid and ribbon, see next heading under Japan Metallic.

Kreinik blending filaments and cords
price per 55 yard (50 meter) spool
..... $2.60
Kreinik cable, price per 11 yard (10 m.) spool
(gold 002P and silver 001P only)
..... $2.60
Kreinik ombre, price per 16 1/2 yard (15 meter) spool ..... $3.00
Kreinik #4 braid, price per 12 yard (11 meter) spool ..... $4.00
Kreinik #8 braid, price per 11 yard (10 m.) spool
(except 001J, 002J and 321J)
..... $4.40
Kreinik #12 braid, price per 11 yard (10 m.) spool
(except 002J)
..... $5.75
Kreinik #16 braid, price per 11 yard (10 m.) spool
(except 001J, 002J and 321J)
..... $5.75
Kreinik #32 braid, price per 5.5 yard (5 meter) spool, (not all colors in stock) ..... $4.50
Kreinik 1/16" ribbon, price per 11 yard (10 m.) spool
..... $5.75
Kreinik 1/8" ribbon, price per 5.5 yard spool (5 m.)
..... $4.00

JAPAN METALLIC (synthetic) is made of a narrow metallic strip wrapped around a core. It comes in three sizes, with size 1 being the smallest (about the size of Kreinik cord) and size 7 the largest. Sizes 5 and 7 are most often used as a couching (laid on the surface) rather than as a passing (stitched into the fabric) thread. Size 1 Japan silver and gold have also been made into braids and ribbons. We are in the process of switching from carrying Japan size 5 and 7 in 11 yard skeins to selling them on 11 yard spools (yardage and price are the same for both).

Size 1 Japan Thread is available on 44 yard (40 meter) spools in these colors:

Price per spool of Japan size 1: $2.60

Size 5 Japan Thread is available in 11 yard (10 meter) skeins/spools in these colors:

Price per skein of Japan size 5: $4.30

Size 7 Japan Thread is available in 11 yard (10 meter) skeins/spools in these colors:

Price per skein of Japan size 7: $4.30

DMC METALLIC FLOSS or "Light Effects" is a 6-ply fine-weight metallic. It originally came in twelve colors (but one of the colors, 5291 Royal Blue is now discontinued and no longer available). In the summer of 2005 DMC expanded the color range to a total of 36 colors and renumbered the original eleven colors. These eleven colors had both old and new numbers printed on their labels for a year and a half to help in the transition. The new numbering system begins with E followed by an approximate color match in DMC cotton floss (in most cases - but a few colors do not have cotton floss equivalents). Available colors listed in color families are:

White Gold E677
Light Gold E3821 (formerly 5282)
Dark Gold E3852 (formerly 5284)
Silver E168 (formerly 5283
Copper E301 (formerly 5279)
Titanium E317 (formerly 5287

Pink Amethyst E316 (formerly 5288)
Amethyst E155
Purple Ruby E3837 (formerly 5289)
Pink Garnet E718
Dark Red Ruby E815 (formerly 5270)
Red Ruby E321
Green Emerald E699 (formerly 5269)
Light Green Emerald E703
Aquamarine Blue E3849
Blue Topaz E334
Light Blue Sapphire E3843 (formerly 5290)
Blue Sapphire E825
Gemstones E130
Golden Dawn E135

Dark Oak E898
Rosewood E3685
Ebony E310
Golden Oak E436
Pewter E415

White E5200 (formerly 5272)
Lilac E311
Cream E746
Lime E966
Soft Pink E818
Baby Blue E747
Sky Blue E3747
Soft Peach E967

Neon Green E990
Neon Yellow E980

Glow in the Dark E940
Price per 8.7 yard (8 meter) skein of DMC Metallic Floss ..... $2.70

DMC METALLIC PEARL is a metallic thread equivalent to size 5 pearl cotton. Like the DMC metallic floss listed above, it comes in two colors, gold (5282) and silver (5283).

Price per 27.3 yard (25 meter) skein of DMC Metallic Pearl ..... $5.20

DMC "Z" METALLICS are relatively fine-weight metallic threads made of three fine plies loosely twisted together (normally all three plies are used at once). Please note that DMC has discontinued all but three colors of this type of thread. Colors are (French names are listed in parentheses as certain patterns refer to them by these names):


Light Gold (fil or clair)


Light Silver (fil argent clair)


Gold (fil or)

Price per 43.7 yard (40 meter) spool of DMC "Z" metallics ..... $4.00

Diamant metallic thread from DMC is made in Japan. Heavier than blending filament but finer than braid, this thread comes in the following colors:

D3821 D3821 Light Gold D3852 D3852 Dark Gold D140 D140 Black Gold
D168 D168 Light Silver D415 D415 Dark Silver D301 D301 Dark Copper
D310D310 BlackD316D316

DMC Diamant thread is $3.00 per 35 meter (38.2 yard) spool.

DMC "FLAT" GOLD AND SILVER were shiny, smooth single ply metallic threads. These threads are also known by their French names: fil or mi-fin (gold, Article 280) and fil argent mi-fin (silver, Article 281). In 2002 DMC announced that they were discontinuing the sale of these threads in the U.S. We have sold out of these and can no longer get them; sorry.

SNOW is a metallic thread from the Caron Collection. It previously came in only a white "snow" color but now comes in additional colors:
N-00 White N-01 Gold - DISCONTINUED, replaced by N-18
N-02 Black Ice N-03 Sky Blue
N-04 Night Sky (discontinued, no longer available) N-05 Fiesta Red (new version)
N-06 Cedar Green N-07 Copper
N-08 White Gold N-09 Silver
N-10 Royal B lue N-11 Lime Green
N-12 Canary Yellow N-13 Fire Orange
N-14 Mango N-15 Mauve
N-16 Gunmetal N-17 Carbon (blue-black)
N-18 Gold Dust N-19 Icy Lavender
N-20 Tropical Ocean N-21 Storm
N-22 Strawberry N-23 Chocolate
N-24 Dark Gold N-25 Brass
N-26 Deep Sea N-27 Shadow
N-28 Violet N-29 Pistachio
N-30 Crystal N-31 Gilded Black
N-32 Pepper N-33 Grape
N-34 Pearl  

Snow is $5.00 per 10 yard skein.

ACCENTUATE is a "new" metallic thread that is really not new. It is a metallic thread known as "Supertwist" made by Madeira but now available in a packaging superior to those previously available. This thread is also sold by other people under the name Rainbow Blending Filament as well as Supertwist. Formerly available in only 30 colors, the color range has been expanded tremendously to include some very unique and beautiful colors (also some old colors have been discontinued - discontinued color numbers are 010, 011, 276, 280, 380 and 500). Most people find that this fine metallic thread is somewhat stronger than other blending filaments. Currently a color card is not available, and differences between some colors are so subtle, it would be hard to show or describe the colors. Madeira Supertwist is actually manufactured in two sizes, size 20 and 30. Our Accentuate/Supertwist is size 30 Supertwist which comes in all colors (size 20 comes in a very limited color range and is not carried by us).

To convert from "Supertwist" to Accentuate color numbers is simple as the numbering system is the same. To convert from "Glissen Gloss Rainbow Blending Filament" color numbers to Accentuate color numbers, click here (please note that more colors of Supertwist/Glissengloss Rainbow Filament are available in Accentuate than shown on this conversion).

Currently available colors of Accentuate are:
012 013 014 015
016 016 017 018
019 020 021 022
023 024 025 026
027 028 029 030
031 032 033 034
035 036 037 038
039 040 041 042
043 044 051 052
057 058 065 066
067 070 - DISCONTINUED 071 111
113 114 115 120
123 126 138 140
155 225 226 227
228 251 252 253
254 255 256 257
258 260 261 262
263 264 272 273 - discontinued and sold out
274 275 277 - discontinued and sold out 278
285 287 288 289
290 291 300 301
302 303 304 305
306 307 308 309
310 311 312 313
315 316 317 318
319 320 322 323 - DISCONTINUED
326 - DISCONTINUED 327 329 330
332 333 337 339
340 341 345 - DISCONTINUED 347
349 351 352 - DISCONTINUED 353
354 355 356 357 - DISCONTINUED
358 360 362 371
375 376 - DISCONTINUED 384 385
386 - DISCONTINUED 387 389 392

Accentuate is $3.00 per 50 meter (55 yard) spool.

BIJOUX METALLIC is an old thread under a new name. You may also know this thread as "Lacquered Jewels". Bijoux Metallic is a fine weight metallic thread of cord-type construction. Most colors are deep, rich jewel tones with a black cast to them. With the new packaging on spools rather than wrapped on cards or made into skeins, the thread is much more user-friendly. All color numbers are the same as those for "Lacquered Jewels" so order by the same color number as you would use for Lacquered Jewels.

Colors for Bijoux Metallic are:
411 Cape Amethyst 412 Amethyst
413 Pink Opal 414 Rubasse
415 Ruby 422 Bronze Glint - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  424 Renaissance Gold
425 Pyrite 426 Smoky Topaz
427 Copper Leaf 428 Amber
429 Jasper 437 Sapphire
438 Lapis 439 Garnet
  442 Antique Silver
452 Green Agate 457 Malachite
460 Water Sapphire 465 Turquoise
466 Blue Zircon 467 Blue Tanzanite
470 Black Pearl 480 Regalia
481 Crown Jewels 482 Tiger Eye
483 Tourmaline 484 Obsidian
490 Jade

Bijoux is $3.30 per 50 meter (55 yard) spool.

Fyrewerks Soft Sheen is a flat metallic ribbon from Rainbow Gallery. We do not stock the original Fyrewerks thread but only the one known as Fyrewerks Soft Sheen with a FT prefix.

Soft sheen Fyrewerks is available in the following colors:
FT1 Mocha FT2 Chocolate FT3 Pumpkin
FT4 Loden Green FT5 Navy Blue FT6 Bright Christmas Red
FT7 Lavender FT8 Dark Violet FT9 Rose
FT10 White Pearl FT11 Black FT12 Pewter
FT13 Charcoal FT14 Vatican Gold FT15 Old Gold
FT16 Gunmetal FT17 Delft Blue FT18 Yellow Gold
FT19 Aqua FT20 Raspberry FT21 Lite Copper
FT22 Emerald Green FT23 Lite Purple FT24 Purple
FT25 Lite Multi FT26 Bronze FT27 Tree Green
FT28 Royal Blue FT29 Pink FT30 Red
FT31 Dark Purple FT32 Dark Teal FT33 Moonglow
FT34 Red Orange FT35 Smoke Gray FT36 French Blue
FT37 Rain Gray FT38 Dark Red FT39 Lite Blue
FT40 Dark Periwinkle FT41 Pistachio FT42 Plum
FT43 Lite Aqua FT44 New Copper FT45 Lite Avocado
FT46 Avocado FT47 Peony FT48 Silver Frost
FT49 Platinum FT50 Old Brass FT51 Copper
FT52 Lite Tree Green FT53 Espresso FT54 Ocean Blue
FT55 Midnight Blue FT56 Vintage Gold FT57 Merlot
FT58 Gold FT59 Tawny Gold FT60 Melon
FT61 Wisteria FT62 Granite FT63 Vintage Silver
FT64 Dark Aqua FT65 Sea Spray FT66 Orchid
FT67 Inca Gold FT68 Daiquiri Green FT69 Burnt
FT70 Chartreuse FT71 Purple Rain FT72 Azure
FT73 Christmas Red FT74 Jade FT75 Coral
FT76 Lilac FT78 Purple Haze FT79 Champagne
FT80 Pink Pearl FT81 Lilac Pearl FT82 Peach Pearl
FT83 Mint Pearl FT84 Yellow Pearl FT85 Cashmere Rose
FT87 Vibrant Orange FT88 Super Pink

Price per 10 yard card of soft sheen Fyrewerks: $5.00

Bijoux Metallic is $3.10 per 50 meter spool.

TORSADES are highly twisted cords made of synthetic Japanese gold and silver, which are surface-couched onto fabrics. Please contact us for current availability and pricing of torsades as they fluctuate frequently.

REAL METAL THREADS come in various constructions, finishes and sizes. We offer real metal threads primarily made in England, as thse are the most readily available and come in the most varieties. For additional on real metal embroidery threads and metal thread embroidery, please click on our "Books" category.

Real metal threads are commonly referred to by both English and French names - equivalent names are listed here:

French and English metal threads do not all come in equivalent or corresponding sizes, but some size equivalents are listed here:
French Size English Size
Jaceron size 5 Pearl purl super
Jaceron size 7 Pearl purl 1
Jaceron size 8 Pearl purl 2
Jaceron size 10 Pearl purl 3

Access Commodities Real Metal Threads are in some instances similar to the above threads, but are listed by English, rather than French names.

These threads come in quite a rather large variety. The vast majority of these are attached to fabric by couching - i.e. laid on the top surface of the fabric and held in place with stitches (in some cases these couching stitches are invisible while in other cases they show and are intended to become part of the effect). Some of these couched threads never penetrate the surface of the fabric at all, while others penetrate the fabric only at the very beginning and very end of the thread, where the ends are "plunged" to the reverse of the fabric.

First are the "purls" which further come in three different varieties. Smooth purls are hollow or tubular threads with a shiny appearance. They are very fluid and remind one a bit of a worm - albeit a very luxurious worm! Rough purl looks the same except the finish is less shiny - it still has some sheen from the metal but to a lesser degree than the smooth purl. A check purl is a very glittery, almost faceted purl. Most purls are fragile and need to be handled carefully, but check purls are particularly fragile and therefore are sold only in one-half yard lengths. Pearl purl (isn't that a funny coincidence of the English language that these two words are homophones?) is a little like a very fine, very elegant "Slinky" toy - it is much stiffer, but the little wires that coil around and around to make up this thread are very distinct and more open than with the other purls.

These real metal threads come in gold. A few of them are also made in silver and copper but due to limited demand the silver and copper ones are not currently being imported. All threads made with real gold will be referred to as "gilt". The following thread prices are for gold only.

Gilt Rough Purl #7 (smallest)

1 yard


Gilt Rough Purl #6

1 yard


Gilt Rough Purl #5

1 yard


Gilt Wire Bullion #1 (largest)

1 yard



Gilt Smooth Purl #7 (smallest)

1 yard


Gilt Smooth Purl #6

1 yard


Gilt Smooth Purl #5

1 yard


Gilt Bright Bullion #1 (largest)

1 yard



Gilt Bright Check Purl #7 (smallest)

1/2 yard


Gilt Bright Check Purl #6

1/2 yard


Gilt Bright Check Purl #5

1/2 yard


Gilt Bright Check Bullion #1 (largest)

1/2 yard


Gilt Wire Check #10

1/2 yard



Gilt Pearl Purl Very Fine (smallest)

1 yard


Gilt Pearl Purl Super

1 yard


Gilt Pearl Purl #1

1 yard


Gilt Pearl Purl #2

1 yard


Gilt Pearl Purl #3

1 yard


Gilt Pearl Purl #4 (largest)

1 yard


Rococo is a wavy thread also known as crinkle. It is available in gold only, and in two sizes.

Gilt Fine Rococo 1 yard $9.50
Gilt Medium Rococo 1 yard $10.00

Grecian Twist is a gorgeous thread. It has a shiny thread and a matte thread twisted together - the contrast between the two textures is quite stunning.
Gilt Fine Grecian Twist 1 yard $12.00
Gilt Medium Grecian Twist 1 yard $20.00

Milliary is a unique metal thread. It is made of a "main" central thread with a secondary, fine thread somewhat loosely coiled around it.
Gold Milliary 1 yard $9.50

Gilt Façonnee #6 is known in English as crimped purl. Available in gold.
Gilt Façonnee #6 1 yard $11.50

Lizardine is available in gold and comes in two sizes.
Gilt Lizardine Size Super (smaller) 1 yard $10.50
Gilt Lizardine Size 1 (larger) 1 yard $11.00

GILT BROAD PLATE is a very shiny thin metal strip with gold content. It is rather stiff.
Price per yard: $5.30

GILT WHIPPED PLATE is made of gilt broad plate with a secondary very fine wire "whipped" around it - this has something of the appearance of crimping.
Price per yard: $5.65

SIZE 4 SMOOTH PASSING THREAD is available in gold-plated (gilt) and silver-plated. These real metal threads are made over a silk core and are similar to threads used for Elizabethan embroidery.

Price per 18 meter (19 1/2 yard) spool of Gilt Smooth Passing: $29.00
Price per 18 meter (19 1/2 yard) spool of Silver Smooth Passing: $22.50

Elizabethan Twist 2% Gold is another gold-plated passing thread.

Price per 40 meter (44 yard) spool of Elizabethan Twist: $25.00

GILT SYLKE TWIST is a thread made of silk twisted with very fine real gold thread. Due to the time this thread takes to make, colors are not always available; many have been discontinued. For a current list of what colors are available (in theory), please check the current inventory list here for the : Access Commodities download page:

GILT SYLKE TWIST is $22.00 per 32 meter (34.6 yard) spool.

REAL SILVER OR GOLD-FILLED SPANGLES are a little like very classy sequins. Also known as paillettes, these flat round spangles with a hole in the center come in several sizes, although this type of spangle/paillette is disappearing (see our next entry for another brand that is still available):


Approx. No./Package

Size 4, 3/8" (not currently available)


Size 8, 3/16" - not currently available


Size 9, 4mm - not currently available


Size 12 (3.2mm)


Size 14, 1/8" or 3mm


Size 16, 7/64" - not currently available


Size 17, 3/32" - not currently available


Size 18, 3/32" not currently available


Size 19, GOLD ONLY


Size 20, 5/64"not currently available

Spangles are sold by weight, so the smaller the spangle the more spangles there will be in the one-gram package.

Price per 1 gram package of spangles ..... $6.25

ACCESS COMMODITIES GOLD SPANGLES are similar to the above spangles, but come in gold only. They come in five sizes:

Size F-3 (GTSF3), .25 gram, DISCONTINUED

Size F-4 (GTSF4), .25 gram, $4.00

Size A (GTSP1), .5 gram, $4.50

Size C (GTSP3), .5 gram, $4.50

Size 6 (GTSP6), 1 gram, $6.00

KID LEATHER is frequently used in conjunction with metal thread embroidery (most often it is appliqued to fabric or canvas). The color range is more limited than in the past. Currently available colors are: Gold, Matte Gold, Vatican Gold, Silver, Matte Silver, Pewter, Bronze, Copperhead and Black.

Price per 4" x 4" piece of kid leather ..... $6.00


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