September 2021

Mill Hill beads come in six new glow in the dark colors, all in size 11 seed beads only:

02700 02700 Clear Glow in the Dark
02721 02721 Yellow Glow in the Dark
02722 02722 Green Glow in the Dark
02723 02723 Aqua Glow in the Dark
02724 02724 Pink Glow in the Dark
02799 02799 Ice Glow in the Dark

Appleton has introduced 25 new colors in both crewel and tapestry wool. The four new color families are Fizzy Sherbet (681-687); Hot Neon (651-656); Cool Neon (661-666) and Bubble Gum Pink 671-676. New colors are arriving any day in the crewel weight, soon to be followed by the tapestry weight.

August 2021

Rainbow Gallery has one new color of Neon Rays and Neon Rays Plus: N200 and NP200, Imperial Blue.


July 2021

Needlework System 4 has recently released a line of all wood scroll frames. These cannot be used on their metal needlework stands (although the new and additional sizes of dowels can be used with the metal Systm 4 scroll frames). Their new scroll frame parts are backwards compatible with some but not all other brands of scroll frames.

Rather than package their wood scroll frames as complete scroll frames, the System 4 wood scroll frames are sold a la carte. Pick the length of side bar that you want, add the size of dowels you want, and you can make a complete scroll frame. Dowels will come with wing nuts to attach the dowels to the scroll frame sides, but you may also upgrade the wingnuts to plastic knobs, which are a little easier to turn.

Needlework System 4 Wood Scroll Frame Side Bars and Dowels

June 2021

Kreinik Manufacturing has announced there will be small price increases on their thread line.

Although some shipments are now coming in a bit more quickly than they have this past year, there are still many that are being delayed. It is not uncommon for a supply order to take a month or longer to arrive, and some are far more than a month. Not all products that are ordered show up when the orders do come.

April 2021

Mill Hill Perforated Paper now comes in 18 count in white only. It is $5.00 for a package of two 9x12 sheets.

February 2021

Due to INCREASED demand and REDUCED production, we continue to experience delays, in some cases long delays (more than a month) being able to get merchandise. A surprising number of people have a hard time understanding this. In most cases, the answer to "when do you expect item a" is "we don't know, our suppliers don't know, we just have to wait."

Similarily, the time frame to have needlework pieces finished is also MUCH slower than normal right now. This is a function of at least three times the normal volume of pieces being sent to the finishers, with occasional workplace shutdowns and sick employees, and a lot of catching up to do still from last year. Finishers can't just hire unskilled labor off the street and put them to work on your project. As with everything else as we get through the pandemic, patience helps.

January 2021

The USPS raised postage costs January 24, 2021. As a result, our minimum shipping for small packages sent by mail to US addresses is now $4.00 (up from $3.75).

Colonial Needle has added 8 colors to their line of Colonial Persian yarn. They continue to fill in missing colors to match the color pallette of the no-longer-available Paternayan Persian line.

Colonial Persian Yarn comes on 8 yard cards for $2.00 and is also available (for us, normally a special order) in larger hanks for $18.00

December 2020

Supply problems continue in the needlework supply chain. In addition to long times for orders to be filled, many orders are arriving with only about half of the items that were ordered.

October 2020

Many suppliers are having trouble filling orders promptly (some can take a month or longer to ship); expect this situation to continue for at least the next several months.

Rainbow Gallery has announced that two colors of Neon Rays are now discontinued. We have limited amounts still of both. The discontinued colors are N-89 Deep Olive and N-96 Dark Granite.

Rainbow Gallery has three new colors of Neon Rays Plus:

NP18 Dark Peach
NP47 Honey Gold
NP150 Platinum

Also new from Rainbow Gallery are 8 new colors of Fyre Werks Soft Sheen:

FT89 Misty Beige
FT90 Wild Magenta
FT91 Mediterranean
FT92 Azure Blue
FT93 Star Sapphire
FT94 Chocolate Kiss
FT95 Plum Perfect
FT96 Ginger Spice

August 2020

Vineyard Silk will go up in price effective September 1 to $5.75 per skein.

Vineyard Silk also just came out in three new colors which we will get the next time we place an order. They are:

C-240 Porpoise
C-241 Driftwood
C-242 Falcon

July 2020

Our retail store is now open for walk-in customers, as long as they are careful to wear a face mask CORRECTLY (covering both nose and mouth at all times), maintain distance from other customers and not linger any longer than necessary.

We are experiencing delays in getting products from many suppliers, mostly but not entirely related to the current pandemic. Many shipments that used to go out in a day or two are now taking one to three extra weeks to be shipped. Shipments of hand-dyed fabrics from Picture This Plus have gone from 3 weeks to two months to about 4 months currently. Although frustrating, this is just something we have to live through.

New from Classic Colorworks are two floss colors:

Little Sprout

Sweet Potato

May 2020

We have two new "luxury" embroidery linens from Access Commodities (not for counted thread embroidery, but for whitework and surface embroidery). They are:

Tailor's Chalk, a heavier weight but very fine thread white linen. Approximately 118" wide (about twice the width of most linen) this is $280.00 per YARD.

Fichu White is also a very fine linen, but thinner/more sheer, described as a linen batiste. Fichu White is narrower than most linen (about 33" wide). Fichu White is $140.00 per YARD.

Sadly the situation surrounding Anchor tapestry wool is going from bad to worse. We have recently discovered that the only company in the US authorized to import Anchor products to the US will not import their tapestry wool so we can't replace colors as we sell them. We are also unable to order this yarn directly from Europe as the people in Europe are prohibited from selling to the US. Unless this situation changes we will have fewer and fewer Anchor yarn colors in stock so please check with us prior to trying to place an order for Anchor yarn.

We have 4 new colors of Gloriana silk floss (in 4 yard skeins). The new colors are:

304 Auburn
305 Avocao
306 Cinnabar Medium
307 Mesa Sunset

April 2020

Colonial Needle has added 6 new colors to their line of Colonial Persian. Although they are not yet up to the color range of the old Paternayan, they do an excellent job of keeping the colors they DO have in stock, and are gradually adding more. The 6 newly available colors are:

CP1311 Grape (Paternayan 311)
CP1314 Grape (Paternayan 314)
CP1590 Celadon Blue (Paternayana 590)
CP615 Hunter Green (Paternayan 615)
CP705 Christmas Green (Paternayan 705)
CP1870 Rust (Paternayan 870)

Because they are currently closed for normal business, Colonial Persian has not yet been able to package these new colors on their 8 yard cards.

March 2020

There was only one trade show in March (the one that is primarily needlepoint has been postponed). This means an abundance of new products (new charts, needlepoint canvases, threads and needlework accessories)are here now or will be soon.

Gentle Art has two new colors of Sampler Threads; Glass Slipper #7104 and Witching Hour #0391. We have these in stock now.

New Gentle Art Colors

Weeks Dyeworks has six new colors of overdyed floss (we have these in stock now):

New Weeks Colors

Arrowhead 1105
Banana Pudding 1112
Blue Suede 2107A
Lavender Rose 2289
Lily Pad 2194
Yukon Gold 2221A

Threadworx has six new colors of overdyed floss. We have them in stock now. They are:

New Threadworx Colors

Pumpkin Spice 10348
Berry Latte 10380
Neon Green 10465
Fuchsia 11005
Peach Moonstone 11155
Red Violet 11586

Kreinik Manufacturing has four new colors that currently come in size 4, 8, 12 and 16 braid (ribbons will probably be added later). We do not have all colors in all sizes in the store yet but hope to soon. The four new colors are:

5025 Jammin' Yam
5026 Sweet Tart
5027 Electric Apple
5028 Dandelion

Also new in Kreinik #4 braid is color 2829 (this is not a new color but new only in this size).

DMC has a new version of Diamant metallic thread called Diamant Grande. It is about twice as thick as the original Diamant. Diamant Grande comes in the following six colors:

DMC Diamant Grande is $4.00 per 38.2 yard spool.

Both Kreinik Manufacturing and now Rainbow Gallery have increased prices on all their threads. Prices in our store and on our website will soon reflect these increased prices as we start to receive new merchandise.

January 2020

Kreinik Manufacturing will have a price increase on their products effective February 1. They are also warning that the metallic color 015 Chartreuse is about to change dye lot so this is a good time to make sure you have enough of the old dye lot if you are mid-way through a project.

Rainbow Gallery is adding 6 new colors of Very Velvet; we stock primarily the Petite Very Velvet only and will have the 6 new colors soon.

The Au Ver a Soie company from France has introduced a new, finer version of their silk chenille thread called Silk Satin Chenille. This luxurious threads comes in 2 yard packages for $7.00 each. The color range is different than and larger than their original silk chenille.

November 2019

Floche (a cotton thread from DMC) comes in one new color, 798.

Soie d'alger silk thread made by Au Ver a Soie in France comes in 4 new colors: 5412, 5413, 5414, and 5415 (all but 5412 are in stock).

DMC is adding 2 new colors of their metallic Diamente thread to the line, as well as a new thicker thread called Grand Diamente. We are waiting for these to arrive.

October 2019

Evertite brand stretcher bars are very popular, and currently their popularity exceeds the ability of the company that makes them to keep up with demand. This sometimes means we are out of certain sizes due to circumstances beyond our control. If you have a need for Evertite bars, please consider confirm that we have your needed size or sizes available prior to ordering.

The new version of black Stardust from Brown Paper Packages is not yet available, but when it is, it will replace the current version of black Stardust. The number (512) and name black will remain the same, but instead of black with iridescent metallic it will in the future comes as black with silver metallic. Use caution if planning to use the original version of black to make sure you have enough.

Appleton has announced plans to discontinue 7 shades of crewel wool and 4 shades of tapestry wool, due to low sales. They have plenty of inventory of discontinued colors for now, and suggested close substitutes for the discontinued colors. These are the colors that will eventually be discontinued, with suggested substitutes:
Crewel weight
Discontinued Substitute
104 103
476 477
624 623
703 702
704 702
705 706
751 752
Tapestry weight  
Discontinued Substitute
548 358
551 552
703 702

September 2019

Kreinik has two new colors of metallic thread:

5730 Celadon (comes in most braids and ribbon)
9593 Wisteria (does not come in #4 braid)

Rainbow Gallery has three new colors of Neon Rays Plus:

NP87 Willow Green
NP97 Granite
NP113 Dark Antique Rose

Brown Paper Packages has one new color of Stardust:

512 Black

Threadworx has six new colors of overdyed floss:

10370 Double Fudge
10420 Red Velvet
10580 Dark Jade
11205 Steel Gray
11216 Purple Ash
1153 Mardi Gras

August 2019

The annual Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue is here ($9.99):


July 2019

Brown Paper Packages has announced a price increase for Silk and Ivory thread (the first increase in 6 1/2 years). Effective August 2, a 28.8 yard skein of Silk & Ivory will be $5.65. Stardust will be $5.85. Half hanks (300 yard) and full hanks of Silk & Ivory (600 yard) will be $$50.00 and $86.00 respectively (half hanks and whole hanks are not normally stocked by us but are special-order items only).

May 2019

Kreinik Manufacturing has three new colors of #8, #12 and #16 braid:
9591 Buttercup
9592 Peony
9594 Bluebonnet

April 2019

Rainbow Gallery has 5 new colors of Neon Rays Plus:

NP60 Navy Blue
NP72 Pale Yellow
NP110 Dark Pewter
NP117 Medium Peach
NP124 Delft Blue

March 2019

Needlework System 4 will be raising their prices on April 15 (the first price increase they have had in twelve years). If you have been thinking about ordering any of their items, now would be the perfect time to beat the price increase.

DMC is about to add 12 new colors to their line of pearl cotton. Initially the new colors will only come in size 5 and 8. We do not yet have them in stock but have them on order.

The new colors of pearl will be 01, 03, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 3799, 3844, 3846, 3847 and 3865 (colors coordinate with floss colors).

Gentle Art has four new colors of overdyed cotton floss:
0292 Something Blue
0894 Grape Fizz
1193 Adzuki
1194 Tortoise Shell

Threadworx has six new colors of overdyed cotton floss:
10244 Peacock Feathers
10247 Cobalt Blue
10360 Cocoa Brown
10475 Irish Clover
10485 Deep Green
10902 Bright Red

Classic Colorworks has three new cotton floss colors:

Sticks and Twigs
Trail Dust

Weeks Dyeworks has four new cotton floss colors:

Oilcloth 1232A
Glacial Melt 2112
Carolina Cecil 2239A
Broom Tree 1194

Anchor tapestry yarn is becoming more and more difficult to get. In addition to colors being discontinued by Anchor, we are starting to encounter colors that our only distributor is no longer stocking due to low sales. If you have projects needing Anchor tapestry yarn, the writing is probably on the wall that at some point in the future it just won't be available for us to order.

February 2019

Rainbow Gallery has five new colors of Neon Rays Plus:
NP-60 Navy Blue
NP-72 Pale Yellow
NP-110 Dark Pewter
NP-117 Medium Peach
NP-124 Delft Blue

Rainbow Gallery also has one new color of Fuzzy Stuff, FZ-44 Toasted Almond (more beige to my eye than almond).

January 2019

Postage prices increased Sunday, January 27. In addition to increase by a percentage, there was a change in how first class packages are billed. Previously a 4 ounce package cost the same no matter where in the US we sent it, but now a local first class package costs less to send than a first class package sent across the country. This means that for lightweight items we send the greatest distance (in the US) shipping will now start at $3.75.

DMC announced late in 2018 that they are no longer making Article 19 tatting cotton, Article 151 Cordonnet or Article 167 Cebelia. We have carried the tatting cotton and cordonnet but they will only be available while supplies last.

December 2018

DMC has a new floss called Etoile. Made of 73% cotton and 27% polyamide, it "pre-blends" a fine metallic filament with the cotton of the floss. It comes in a limited color range and color numbers coordinate somewhat with DMC cotton floss colors (although far fewer are available) but be warned that the colors white and ecru do NOT look like white and ecru floss. White is blended with a silver metallic so it has more of a gray look; "ecru" is blended with a warm silver and has an almost green look.

Etoile floss is $1.95 per 8 meter/8.7 yard skein.

Zweigart has a few new colors of linen. In 36 count only, there is a new color called Lavender and one called Aqua or Light Turquoise. In 32 count Belfast, new colors include Honey Gold (also called Lemon Yellow, but Honey Gold is more accurate) and Federal Blue (also called Bluegray).

October 2018

Persian yarn from Colonial Needle now comes on 8 yard cards. This will greatly help to fill the void from colors that have not been available in the Paternayan line, which we are discontinuing. Although Colonial Persian does not yet come in all the colors of Paternayan persian, we have hopes that the line will continue to expand. While we continue to sell our existing stock of Paternayan, when colors are gone we are replacing them (when available), with Colonial Persian colors. Colonial Persian yarn is $2.00 per 8 yard card.

August 2018

Needlepoint stitch author SuZy Murphy has retired and her books are now out of print. We have sold out of some titles and have single copies of remaining titles, while they last.

New in the store is a fourth book on historical whitework embroidery by English author Heather Toomer. This book, Fashionable White-embroidered Accessories c. 1840 to 1900 goes forward in time from the period covered by her last book, White-Embroidered Costume Accessories: the 1790s to 1840s. Other previous titles by this author available from us are Baby Wore White and Embroidered with White. The newest book is $41.00 and is a 192 page paperback.

Fashionable White-Embroidered Accessories c. 1840 to 1900

After a long absence, the LONG Flexilens on Miniclip magnifier (with a 10" gooseneck instead of 7" gooseneck) is once again available. It is $43.00.

2018 special Halloween edition from Just Cross Stitch, $9.99

May 2018

Needlework supply prices continue to creep up this year. Among other price increases are higher prices for Rainbow Gallery threads.

We also plan to raise our prices for some Needlework System 4 components very slightly in June. We have sold these items for the same price since 2007, 11 years ago. Our price is deeply discounted from "regular" retail. But the cost of shipping to get these items to us has increased every year and we need to charge slightly more for some of the components to help offset the increased cost of shipping. We STOCK nearly everything Needlework System 4 makes (except the rug frame) and in most cases in ample quantities, to make it more likely we will have their products in stock for immediate shipment, but there is a big cost to this, both the investment in actual inventory but also the cost to have them shipped to us from Florida.

March 2018

Weeks Dyeworks

has three new colors of cotton floss:
1147 Oyster
1223A Bee's Knees
1235 Roasted Figs

Classic Colorworks has also introduced three new colors, and has raised their floss price from $2.40 per 5 yard skein to $2.50 per 5 yard skein.

New colors are:
Autumn Spice
Nature Trail
Pine Needles

In with the new, out with the old - we are told that DMC is discontinuing their product known as "Memory Thread" (thread with an inner copper wire). We are already sold out of a color or two. If you think you may have a need for this product, now would be a good time to stock up.

Kreinik Manufacturing had some price increases in January. We have recently raised our store prices to reflect the higher price we are paying for their threads.

February 2018

Threadworx has six new colors of overdyed cotton floss (not pictured in numerical order):

10330 Spiced Peach
10383 Japanese Iris
10582 Emerald
10771 Autumn
11215 Marooned
11580 Passion Flower

Rainbow Gallery has one new color of Neon Rays Plus, NP109 Pewter.

January 2018

The producers of Paternayan yarn continue to have supply issues. As of mid-January 2018 they are not taking ANY orders for about a month and are going to cancel any existing backorders for yarn that we already have on order but is out of stock. Please bear with us if you need Paternayan yarn; although we have a good amount on hand we do not have and cannot get all colors and can't even try to get more for a while.

Mill Hill beads went up in price at the end of last year. We have not yet raised our prices but as new inventory comes in, the price of most Mill Hill beads will go from $1.50 to $1.60 per package (some Mill Hill beads are priced higher than this so not all will be $1.60).

Gloriana silk floss comes in a few new colors (most are on backorder to us) but Gloriana has also decided to discontinue a few others.

New colors will be:

285 Almond
288 Soft Green
289 Medium Green
294 Tucker Orange
295 Cotswold Blue

Discontinued colors of Gloriana silk floss are:

118 Twilight Blue
147 Fiesta Light
182 Pineapple
222 Pine Barrens
242 French Blue Light
244 Pebbles

December 2017

LuganaGridded   28 count Lugana from Zweigart now comes in a pre-gridded version (we also have this in 25 count Lugana and 20 count aida). Available in white only, every tenth thread (in both directions) is a gray color, to aid in counting when doing extremely complicated cross stitch charts. 28 count pre-gridded Lugana is $49.00 per yard.

November 2017

2017NewDMCDetail The 35 new colors of DMC floss are here as individual skeins. Gift sets of the colors packaged in a tin have yet to arrive. Some of the new colors seem similar to older colors but most are not. In particular we have some new very pale shades of colors which have been missing in the past, and more balanced shades of gray (not too blue, not too brown).

Also new is the first of some higher count fabrics that are coming on the market. We now have 46 count Bergen linen in white only. It is $86.00 per yard. Other colors/counts/fabric types will be here soon.

October 2017

The 35 new floss colors from DMC WILL be available individually, some time in November. Also in November we will be raising the price we charge for DMC floss for the first time in many, many years (decades?). During those years we have absorbed more than one price increase by DMC to us including one earlier this year. The current suggested (and fair) retail price of DMC floss is currently .87 per skein. We will still be selling at a discount from this price, but not as low as you may find it at chain stores. It takes a LOT of DMC floss sales in combination with other products to help keep a brick-and-mortar independent retail needlework store open. We try very hard to keep every color in stock and to keep our thread clean and cared for. In return, we need to make a reasonable (if smaller than normal) profit on floss sales.

September 2017

DMC will be introducing 35 new cotton floss colors which will probably be available in November. It looks like at least initially they will be available only in a gift pack of one skein per color. It remains to be seen if they will decide to sell these colors individually.

Classic Colorworks has two new colors of overdyed cotton floss: Stormy Night and Thundercloud.

August 2017

Mill Hill Buttons have had a price increase (the first in 5 years). "Regular" Mill Hill buttons (as opposed to buttons by licensed designers such as Debbie Mumm) are now $3.70 each.

The Au Ver a Soie company in France has three new colors of soie d'alger silk, 3870 (a light pink), 3878 (a medium hot pink) and 3880 (a darker coral pink):


In keeping with the HOT PINK theme one new color of Trebizond silk, 4207 adds one darker shade to the 4201, 4203 and 4205 family that came out earlier this year (color in image not guaranteed accurate):


Not all thread news is about NEW products. Sadly we are seeing the demise of others.

After announcing changes (reduction of yardage and elimination of all but 3 colors) to the DMC line of tapestry wool in HANKS not that long ago, now DMC has decided to entirely eliminate the production of their tapestry wool in hanks. In the future it will come in only the 8 meter/8.7 yard skein.

We are also apparently no longer going to be able to get YLI silk ribbon in the future AT ALL once whatever existing stock remains in the US is gone. It is not that this is no longer manufactured, just that the demand is not high enough for YLI to package/import it any more. Other silk ribbons are available but it remains to be seen how the market will work and what people will buy.

An editorial comment here: to everyone who primarily shops at chain stores or internet discounters and only goes to purchase from a specialty retailer as a last resort, those chain stores/discounters are likely NOT going to sell the hard-to-find items or have any expertise/knowledge in what they sell. We all have freedom of where we choose to shop but realize that your choices have consequences. It is increasingly difficult for the specialty store to stay in business or to sell unusual items that people may only buy once in a while, and it is increasingly difficult for the manufacturers who RELY on specialty stores to promote and stock their products to keep MAKING these products. Your shopping decisions play a direct part in the products that are going to be available to you in the future.

Gloriana has some new colors of 12 ply hand-dyed silk floss. They are:

266 Wild Berry
279 Whiskey Marmalade
280 Blue Spruce
281 Blue Spruce Light
282 Peach Mimosa
283 Pewter
284 Pewter Dark

May 2017

Finishing deadlines get earlier and earlier every year (a lack of qualified professionals to do this type of work in conjunction with increased demand seems to be the reason). In order to get items back before Halloween, we need to have Halloween designs here by August 10. In order to guarantee to have items back before Christmas, we need to have items here by AUGUST 29.

April 2017

WeeksApril2017 Weeks Dyeworks has four new colors of overdyed cotton floss:
1265 Garrison Green
1228A Cinnamon Twist
2108A Shepherd's Blue
2204A Paris Green
GAST2017 Gentle Art has three new floss colors:
0980 Lagoon
7101 Sage
7102 Misty Harbor

January - March 2017

Gentle Art has three new colors of overdyed cotton floss

Lagoon 0980
Sage 7101
Misty Harbor 7102

Brown Paper Packages has four new colors of Silk & Ivory:
  • 241 Maize
  • 242 Lavender
  • 243 Clematis
  • 244 Morning Glory

Threadworx has introduced six new colors of cotton floss:

    10020 Thistle Mauve
    10422 Rustic Red
    10490 English Ivy
    10602 Wintergreen
    10770 Nutmeg
    10961 Rosy Pink

Trebizond twisted silk comes in eight new colors:

TRA3961and3963 3961 Mamie's Pink, 3963 Pink Party Dress
TRA420142034205 4201 Peignoir Pink, 4203 Bubble Gum, 4205 Showgirl
TRA736173637367 7361 Chartreuse Liqueur, 7363 Lichen Green, 7367 Forest Floor

The Caron Collection has introduced 15 new colors of Watercolours, Wildflowers and Waterlilies:

New colors as they appear in the Waterlilies line

The new colors are:

326 Rhubarb
327 Bonfire
328 Old Gold
329 Early Fall
330 Lily of the Valley
331 Summer Fields
332 Hazelnut
333 Blue Ridge Mt.
334 Powder Puff
335 Berries and Cream
336 Cool Waters
337 Saltwater Taffy
338 Waterfall
339 Zucchini
340 Brandywine

November 2016

Kreinik Manufacturing has three new colors of metallic that come in most sizes. The new colors are two whites (1232HL Lavender Pearl and 2132HL Copper Pearl) and one purple (5013 Plum Berry).

October 2016

Anchor tapestry wool (and other Anchor products in general) are going to be more difficult for us to get in the future. Recent US distribution changes mean that we are required to place vastly larger orders than in the past. This means we can't just restock a few colors at a time but must wait until we need many colors and products to place an order.

For Anchor tapestry wool in particular, another development is that a substantial number of colors are slated to be discontinued. While we will have a supply of pretty much all colors for a while, as we sell out of discontinued colors and are unable to replace them, consumers will have a dilemma. There are no suggested replacements for discontinued colors; they will just be gone.

Classic Colorworks (formerly Crescent Colors) has two new colors of cotton floss: Hayride and Wagon Wheel. 5 yard skeins are $2.40 each.

September 2016

2016PrairieSchooler The designer of Prairie Schooler has released a 2016 santa chart, after previously announcing she was retiring! It is in stock and $5.00.
2016Christmas 2016 Christmas ornament issue from Just Cross Stitch is also here and costs $9.99.

We will be closed Saturday, October 1, during Issaquah Salmon Days. The city closes the street we are on that weekend and there is no access to our store by car as a result, which makes it a LITTLE difficult to do business!

LuganaGridded   25 count Lugana from Zweigart now comes in a pre-gridded version. Available in white only, every tenth thread (in both directions) is a gray color, to aid in counting when doing extremely complicated cross stitch charts. To test removal of the gray lines, I soaked a piece of this in plain water. It took some time but the lines did disappear. Removal might be even easier and more complete if washed with soap. 25 count pre-gridded Lugana is $60.00 per yard.

August 2016

Our finisher's deadline for guaranteeing items will be finished and returned before Christmas this year is mid-September. To allow for shipping time, we will need items in the store by Monday, September 12. Finishing deadlies seem to get earlier and earlier because the finishers do more and more work and this is the only way for them to manage the workload.

July 2016

Evertite has had a price increase on all of their stretcher bars by $2.00 per pair.

Gloriana Threads has increased prices on their products. 4 yard skeins of regular silk floss are now $5.60 per skein 5 yard skeins of Florimell silk floss are now $7.40 per skein. Their other products have also gone up.

June 2016

There is not a lot of news for June, but the GOOD news is that we do finally have all Needlework System 4 components back in stock.

May 2016

In THIS week's installment of do they have it, do they not (a new game show?) we now have frame clamps again from Needlework System; but now we are back to a shortage once again of lap frames. It will be mid-June at the earliest before we could have lap stands but it could take a bit longer.

It's really hard to keep on top of which needlework fabrics are current and which are discontinued, particular those made by Zweigart in Germany. In the now you see it, now you don't, now you DO category seems to be 32 count Silvery Moon Belfast linen (a light silver gray). We now have this again, but who knows for how long?

Also new from Zweigart (and probably also in the here-now-but-perhaps-not-later category) are two new colors in 40 count Newcastle linen, Rue Green and Soft Ivory.

DMCColoris DMC has 24 new colors of cotton floss called "Coloris". They are not that different in concept than the existing Color Variations floss, except that none of the Coloris colors are monochromatic variegated; all will have more than one type of color in a skein (supposedly there are 4 colors per skein but some do have fewer than four distinct colors, unless you count lighter and darker shades of a color as separate colors). In general color combinations are very different than what you typically would find in hand-dyed threads and even other non-hand-dyed "variegated" threads.

DMC Coloris cotton floss is $1.45 per 8.7 yard skein. Available colors are:

4500 Columbine Gardens 4501 Wildflowers 4502 Camellia
4503 Wisteria 4504 Hydrangea 4505 Heather
4506 Spring 4507 Bougainvillea 4508 Frosted Countryside
4509 Granite Coast 4510 Maple 4511 Indian Summer
4512 States 4513 London 4514 Venice
4515 Paris 4516 Black Forest 4517 Elves
4518 Cottage 4519 Jingle Bells 4520 Christmas Story
4521 Wide Open Spaces 4522 Canadian Night 4523 North Wind

April 2016

As of Friday, April 29 we have officially closed our toll-free telephone number, mostly because not a lot of people use it any more since their phone plans include long distance, but also because of abuse on that line by telemarketers. Our regular store phone number of (425) 391-0528 is not affected.

Needlework System 4 is still experiencing some parts shortages (this has been a problem for several weeks now). We DO finally have most items in stock except for frame clamps. The earliest we will have frame clamps is approximately May 24. As we sell so many of these products, we will probably be in the unfortunate situation again of having to backorder some Needlework System 4 orders, due to circumstances beyond our control.

March 2016


New from Classic Colorworks are three colors of overdyed cotton floss:

    Holly Berry


New from Gentle Art are three colors of overdyed cotton floss:

    196 Green with Envy
    893 French Lilac
    1192 Rag Doll

We will soon be discontinuing our toll-free telephone number. Due to the nature of people now having "free" [okay, in reality it isn't free at all but part of an overall telephone plan] long distance, so few people call the toll-free number that the monthly fees to offer it are more than the usage. Once it is terminated, I suppose people calling it may be given a "this number is disconnected" message and assume that means the business is closed, which of course it isn't, but that's not sufficient reason to keep this number active.

February 2016

MORE of those pesky price increases. In January 2016 K's Creations had price increases on some of their products. In March Rainbow Gallery thread prices will go up. In February Kreinik Manufacturing thread prices went up. Our website/in store prices have not gone up yet on most of these but as products start arriving in the store at the higher prices, this will be reflected both on our website and in the store.

Parts shortages needed to make Needlework System 4 products have existed for a few weeks now. Although parts are expected to be available soon, time needed to build products and ship them mean we will probably be unable to fill some orders immediately until some time in March. Many different products are affected by the part shortage including Q snap holders, scroll frames (all sizes), lap stands and extension pieces. If we are out of a part you would like to order, we would be glad to hold the order and fill it as soon as possible; but if you need something urgently please check with us to see if we have it in stock before you order.

Three new colors of soie d'alger silk from Au Ver a Soie are now here, colors 4933, 4934 and 4935:

January 2016


Threadworx has six new colors of overdyed cotton floss:

    10090 Caribbean Surf
    10140 Polar Blue Ice
    10151 Royal Blue
    10950 Coral Renaissance
    11000 Hawaiian Hot Pink
    11214 Green Iron

January 17 2016 the post office increased prices for items we send by mail. For small packages we send by first class mail in the US, the new price will start at $3.35. The good news is that the $3.35 will cover packages from 1 to 8 ounces that don't need to be insured, so it doesn't matter if your package weighs 1 ounce or 8 ounces, the shipping cost will be the same. This means a slight price increase for some packages but a decrease for others.

For INTERNATIONAL packages similar pricing increases have taken place, but unfortunately this means that the lightest-weight international packages are going up substantially. It will now be a minimum of $14.00 (could be more if the order needs to be insured) for us to send anything internationally that weighs from 1 to 8 ounces. This means that it could be to your advantage to add other items to small orders as until a package reaches a weight of 8 ounces there is no additional shipping cost (except for insurance which will be added to all but small orders).

Needlepoint Inc. will have a price increase February 1. The 5 meter skeins will be $5.00 each and 45 meter hanks (normally a special-order item) will be $30.00 each.

Kreinik Manufacturing will introduce 5 new colors in size 12 braid, with the new colors to come in other sizes soon. The new colors are (not shown in any particular order):


Kreinik Manufacturing is also adding 5 new colors in Japan size 5 (not shown in any particular order):


Kreinik Manufacturing will also raise prices on all their products on February 1.

Friday, January 8 we will open about two hours late (at approximately 12:00 noon).

Due to attendance at a trade show, we will be unable to fill mail/phone orders placed January 8 through 11, and have temporarily disabled online ordering during those days. The store will remain open for walk-in customers.

December 2015

As of the end of December, 2015 we can finally announce that we have EVERY single color of Paternayan persian yarn back in stock in the 8 yard skeins. It has been a difficult three years waiting for production issues to be worked out but things are much better now than in the past.

Gloriana has seven new colors of silk floss:

November 2015

Prices up, prices down...just realized that back in August the Caron Collection raised all of their thread prices. They have just now (November 14) been changed on our website. On another note, SOME of our fabric prices will be going down, but it will take a while to sort through all the changes because the fabric pricing is very complicated (and sometimes not very logical). Probably just in time for prices to go up again in 2016, just because (not because we want to, just because our suppliers decide it's time or they need to do so).

September 2015

We will be closed Saturday, October 3 because the annual Issaquah Salmon Days festival closes off downtown Issaquah and there is no access to our store.

The supply of Paternayan Persian Yarn has improved considerably in the last month or so. They aren't quite back to having everything in stock, but our number of empty Paternayan drawers has dwindled quite a bit from what it used to be.

The deadline for Christmas finishing has come and gone - yes, it was earlier than ever this year (September 15), due to the volume of finishing and impossibility of guaranteeing work would be done enough before Christmas to enjoy if it were accepted later. We may still be sending items to our finisher before now and the end of the year so it will be higher up on the priority list in the new year, but please don't beg/plead/whine/wheedle for exceptions to the cutoff date; it's not fair to those who got their work in earlier and not fair to the finishers who are under a lot of pressure to get things done. Remember, there's always next Christmas.

New from Weeks Dyeworks are 4 floss colors: Islamorda #2142, Persimmon #2230A, Sockeye #2249 and Wasabi #1120. They have also introduced 2 new colors in size 5 pearl (Bullfrog and River Rock) for use in the new Shepherd's Bush Christmas stocking.

August 2015

The 16 new Watercolours/Wildflowers/Waterlilies colors are now here. Pictured below are the Waterlilies but of course no picture on the internet can adequately picture thread colors (one more reason to shop at a brick-and-mortar store when you can...)


The new Stardust colors are also now here:


With the latest price increase of Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Simply Shaker Threads, the time has come for us to switch from the 10 yard to 5 yard skeins. We still have a really big inventory of the 10 yard skeins but from now on will be ordering the 5 yard skeins, unless requested by someone to get the 10 yard skeins. It will be a little confusing until all our inventory has switched over but we will have the option to divide an existing 10 yard skein into two 5-yard skeins on request (but only 1 of the 2 skeins will have the "official" manufacturer label, we will have to put our own string-tag label on the second of the 2 skeins that we make up.

New colors of linen continue to trickle in. Our latest arrival is 36 count Bark Brown Edinburgh linen (a darkish khaki brown).

July 2015

PrairieSchooler2015 The new Santa chart from Prairie Schooler is now here, but it comes with the bittersweet news that Prairie Schooler designer Pamela Byrd Smith will be retiring from business as a cross stitch designer after 32 years so this will be her last santa ever.

We will soon have six new colors of Stardust from Brown Paper Packages (Silk & Ivory with metallic). New colors will be:
Blue Yonder
Pink Lemonade
Pink Cow

We just received two more new linen colors from Wichelt Imports. Now in stock are 28 count Royal Christmas Blue and 32 count Rain. Both colors are $84.00 per yard. More new colors and counts will be forthcoming.

The Caron Collection expects to add new colors of Watercolours, Wildflowers and Waterlilies this month. The new colors will be:

016 Bark (new in Waterlilies)
099 Cocoa (new in Watercolours and Wildflowers)
295 Mountain Haze
305 Merlot
313 Sedona Sunset
314 Ivy
315 Coal
316 Creme Fraiche
317 Petal
318 Shell
319 Turquoise Trail
320 Arctic Frost
321 Kelsch
322 Rapunzel
323 Prickly Pear
324 Chardonnay
325 Marshmallow

Wichelt Imports has some new linen colors. Now in stock are 28 count Chalk Board Black (very dark gray) and Brandywine (dark reddish-brown). Both colors are $86.00 per yard. More new colors and counts will be forthcoming.

June 2015

We have been given finishing deadlines that are earlier this year than in the past by our wonderful finisher. For finishing to be returned before Halloween, we need items brought to us by August 10. For Christmas finishing, the deadline is earlier than it ever has been (this is the only way the finisher can guarantee you will get your items in time due to the high volume of finishing they are asked to do): we need items turned into us by Wednesday, September 9.

Gentle Art will be raising the price of their Sampler Threads (both Simpy Shaker and Sampler Thread lines) in July to $3.60 per 10 yard skein. Gentle Art also sells 5 yard skeins which will be $2.40 per skein; and we will probably make the difficult switch from 10 yard to 5 yard skeins in the near future, but right now we only have in stock the 10 yard skeins.

Classic Colorworks comes in two new colors: Rose Petal and Strawberry Parfait.

Two new colors of 36 count Edinborough linen from Zweigart are now available; the popular Platinum (also available in 28 and 32 count) and a new color called Smoke Blue (almost more green than blue).


Two new colors of soie d'alger silk from Au Ver a Soie are in stock: 3324 and 3325. These purples mean this color family now has 6 shades instead of 4. Made by a family business that has been around since 1820, this silk comes in over 600 shades, and is a superior quality to a lot of the seemingly more popular "johnny-come-lately" silk threads that a lot of stitchers (and retailers) seem to be embracing while ignoring this wonderful old classic.

Needlework System 4 lap stands are back in stock so we are now fully stocked with all of their wonderful products.

May 2015

Needlework System 4 lap stands are still in very short supply and out of stock (we got a very small shipment in April but all have sold). We expect to have plenty of their lap stands back in stock by approximately May 12.

April 2015

Gentle Art has four new colors of Sampler Threads:

  • 0195 Green Leaf
  • 0970 Verdigris
  • 1070 Creekbed
  • 7100 Ruby Slipper
  • March 2015

    The people who make Paternayan persian yarn are still unable to make colors available to us on a regular basis (some colors have not been produced in 6 months or longer). They HAVE managed to increase the yarn price, however. Quarter-pound hanks are now $14.00 each and 8 yard skeins are now $1.20 each - that is, assuming you can get them.

    Needlework System 4 has Travel Mate floor stands back in stock (as do we), BUT now the lap stands and frame clamps are an issue. We hope to have enough frame clamps to last until we can get more (expected by around March 20). However, the lap stands are not going to be available to us until early April. If you wish to order lap stands, we would be glad to take your order and ship when we can; in fact, the quantities immediately available are probably going to be limited again so it is probably a good idea to get your name on the list if you know you want one soon.

    Classic Colorworks has three new colors of overyded floss:

    Weeks Dyeworks has four new colors of overdyed floss:

    February 2015

    Needlework System 4 has been short of some parts needed to make certain of their products and while waiting for this to be resolved, we have sold out of the Travel Mate floor stands. Currently lap stands and extension pieces are also in short supply but we are pretty well stocked with other items. If you plan to order any Needlework System 4 items, you may wish to check with us and make sure we have them in stock (we're still happy to take your order and ship as soon as we can).

    Paternayan persian yarn is another product that has supply issues, but this one has been ongoing for two years now. Although we are certainly better stocked than we were, too often a color that we order does not come in, even after 5 or more months. Hard to understand why after two years back in business the supply issue isn't getting resolved in a more satisfactory fashion, but rest assured if we do not have Paternayan colors that you are trying to buy, it is not for lack of trying on our part.

    January 2015

    Appleton wool (both crewel and tapestry) comes in two new colors in the pastel shade range. 887 is a light slightly green blue and 887 is a light bluer blue.

    DMC raised prices on their products at the beginning of the year, but it is like pulling teeth to try to get a new price list from them. As DMC threads start to arrive at new prices we will be gradually reflecting those new prices in the store and on our website.

    Silk chenille thread from Au Ver a Soie comes in 6 new colors (and is now $6.00 per 3 yard package). This very wonderful and very old type of thread (its manufacture goes back to at least the 18th century and it is very rare to be able to still get real silk chenille thread made for embroidery) deserves a second look by the 21st century stitcher. New colors of Au Ver a Soie silk chenille are:

    Rainbow Gallery has new colors of Neon Rays Plus:

    More new threads (where do they think we are going to put them all???) from Threadworx - new floss colors are:

    Threadworx products also went up in price. The 20 yard skeins of overdyed floss are now $4.10 each.

    New needlepoint canvases are already arriving in the store from the major trade show a week and a half ago. You can always view the newest canvases we get (okay, AFTER we have had time to scan or photograph them, measure them, price them and post them!) on the New Needlepoint section of our website (click on Needlepoint at the top of the page and look for the left menu item that says "New Needlepoint").

    Major news for January 2015 is to report a BIG increase in shipping rates (by Fed Ex, which we use for heavier ground shipments, but we understand similar rates apply to shipments by UPS). Rates for items sent by mail have not changed (yet!). We have not yet worked out how to estimate for you in advance shipping charges this year so for heavier items or items not best sent by mail, we may need to provide you shipping estimates in advance until we can sort out how best to handle the new rates. In the meantime please use the shipping charges on our website as only an approximation; if ordering heavier items the actual shipping costs may be higher than estimated. We always charge fair amounts when we bill shipping, without trying to profit from shipping charges but also not lose money on them.

    December 2014

    Holiday hours: closed 3:00 pm December 24. Open regular hours Friday, December 26 and Saturday, December 27. Closed New Year's Day.

    Inspirations 84
    December is a quiet time for new needlework releases. We do have in stock the newest issue of Inspirations magazine, Issue 84. January 2015 should be a time of new products or at least new product announcements, many of them timed to the upcoming trade show in Phoenix, Arizona. If nothing else, we will be ordering new hand-painted needlepoint canvases there from many of your favorite designers, which will be starting to show up in the store later in the month and continuing for the next several months (instead of getting everything at once we normally ask for our orders to be sent in batches, in order to have new items to offer over time instead of all at once, which can be overwhelming.

    November 2014


    New from Gentle Art are three overdyed floss colors:
    960 Dragonfly
    1060 Cast Iron Skillet
    1191 Brown Bear

    October 2014

    Crescent Colors has two new floss colors: Caramel and Glazed Carrots

    New from Weeks Dyeworks are four new floss colors: Candy Apple, Jay Bird, Flatfish and Porpoise.

    September 2014

    SALMON DAYS CLOSURE: Once a year, on the first Saturday of October, we close because Issaquah Salmon Days (an arts festival) closes our street and access to our store by car is not available that day. This year our Salmon Days closure will be October 4.

    Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issue is now here:


    July 2014

    2014 FINISHING DEADLINE: our deadline for professional needlework finishing this year is going to change from previous years. In the past we have had to have large pieces (pillows, Christmas stockings, etc.) in the finisher's hands by October 1 to guarantee they would be ready before Christmas, but we used to be able to send smaller pieces such as ornaments for another month or so and still get them back in time. This year we have to have EVERYTHING in the finisher's hands BY October 1. Because we send the finishing out of state, what this means is that the last day you can drop off finishing in the store will be September 25.


    The annual special Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine is here. It is $9.99.

    June 2014

    Kreinik Manufacturing raised prices June 1 on all of their threads. Price updates to reflect this will be made on our website soon.

    May 2014

    Weeks Dyeworks has raised their overdyed floss to $2.30 per skein and their overdyed pearl cotton to $3.60 per skein.

    Zweigart has a new color of 32 count linen - Avocado. Zweigart also recently introduced a lovely new color that comes in many of their fabric lines (including 28 count and 32 count linen and 18 mesh mono canvas) called Soft Ivory. Soft Ivory is a little darker than Antique White and a little lighter than Cream. Since many times their white and antique white fabrics are very close to one another, the new Soft Ivory is a nice option when white and antique white are a little too light and cream is a little too dark.

    April 2014

    New book: White-embroidered Costume Accessoties the 1790s to 1840s by Heather Toomer. 192 pages, $48.00

    Gentle Art has three new colors of overdyed floss:

    194 Moss
    892 Loganberry
    7098 Black Licorice

    March 2014

    Zweigart News - now you see it, now you don't, now you see it...a few years ago Zweigart in Germany said they would no longer make the tan/brown color of mono canvas in most counts, the exception being 13 and 18 mesh. Apparently all counts are now BACK in this color, so it is once again available in 10, 12, 13, 14, 16 AND 18 mesh (at least until they decide to discontinue it again)!

    Gloriana has seven new colors of silk floss:

    163 Evergreen
    212 Black Walnut
    220 Cinnabar
    234 Oatmeal
    235 Cabernet
    257 Coral Red
    264 Wooly Bear

    February 2014

    Weeks Dyeworks floss comes in four new colors:

    1107 Cattail
    1274 Terrapin
    1280 Verdigris
    2020 Amethyst

    Many fabrics have gone up in price, some late last year and others this year. All threads from the Caron Collection and most from Gloriana also went up in price earlier this year.

    Stardust from Brown Paper Packages comes in four new colors:

    550 Watermelon
    599 Cucumber
    615 Marigold
    647 Carnation

    Neon Rays and Neon Rays Plus come in one new color:


    N147 Persimmon (Neon Rays) and NP147 Persimmon (Neon Rays Plus).

    Appleton wool (both tapestry and crewel) has gone up in price (the first price increase since 2009.) Skeins are now $2.00 each; hanks are now $7.00 each, and color cards are now $68.00 each.

    Threadworx has six new colors of overdyed floss. The new colors are:


    And yes, Threadworx floss will go up in price any day now.

    Kreinik Manufacturing is introducing 6 new colors of metallic braid and ribbons. The new colors are:

    Kreinik Manufacturing has also announced some housecleaning. They are going to make 41 colors of braid/ribbon available in the future by special-order only, and since the special-order must consist of 25 spools per color, we are going to consider them discontinued, even if they are not technically discontinued. Here is a table of the colors in question:
    034 041 042 043
    070 0195 0235 0271
    0308 0393 0664 3240
    3508 3509 3540 4002
    4003 4004 4006 5002
    5004 5007 5008 5525
    5530 9300 2094HL 056F
    057F 003C 005C 007C
    008C 011C 012C 032C
    034C 041C 051C 104C

    January 2014

    We will have lots of news to list here but it has been so busy in the store this month not a lot of time is left for website updating. New thread colors from Threadworx and Kreinik are coming, lots of new canvases are starting to arrive (but not yet scanned or photographed or taped or priced), and other price changes still need to be mentioned.

    Of immediate importance to note, however, is that once again shipping charges have increased. Freight charges (Fed Ex ground) went up a couple of weeks ago, and we are still trying to get a handle on the effect of those rates and how to reflect them on our website. Then, on January 27, 2014, prices also went up for some types of mail. Not that many years ago, we could send small, light packages by mail and only charge $1.00. Those days are long gone. Most people seem not to realize that a few years ago the postal service split first class mail into two main categories. The first is normal mail such as a letter, card, or check, which require just first class postage (.49 as of today). But there is now a different kind of first class mail called a first class package. This is for bulky items or items that are not perfectly flat like a letter, and the cost for this class of mail is not .49, but postage alone now starts at over $2.00. The good news is that it is the same price to send a one, two or three ounce package, and the packages now come with free delivery confirmation, but it also means that by the time we cover actual postage, shipping label, padded envelope, and shipping software that allows your package to sent efficiently, we now have to charge a minimum of $2.75 for items sent by first class mail (for items up to 3 ounces only that do not require insurance, and only if sent to a U.S. address). We do not make money on shipping costs, but would also like to avoid losing money on shipping. Every order we sent is evaluated for the best way to ship and save you money and if we can safely send your order for a lower price, we charge a lower price for shipping at the time your order is processed. In other words, just because our shipping chart shows an estimated price for shipping based on the dollar amount of your order, you won't automatically be charged that amount if we can charge less without losing money on the shipping cost.

    December 2013

    Gloriana has announced a price increase for all their threads effective January 1, 2014. There will probably be other product lines that will increase as well next year.

    DMC Diamant threads are here in six additional colors. They are:

    Crescent Colours is under new ownership and a new name. In the future, Crescent Colours floss will be known as/labeled as Classic Colorworks.

    Paternayan persian wool continues to come in, but slower than we would like. Another 40 colors in 8 yard skeins arrived in November. We are told dyeing to be done in December will bring even more colors soon.

    November 2013

    Open Monday, November 11

    DMC Diamant

    Six colors of DMC Diamant metallic thread are now in stock. Spools contain 35 meters (38.2 yards) and are $3.00 each. An additional six colors are due soon. Currently available colors are:

    D3821 D3821 Light Gold
    D3852; D3852 Dark Gold
    D140; D140 Black Gold
    D168; D168 Light Silver
    D415; D415 Dark Silver
    D301 D301 Dark Copper

    Paternayan persian yarn continues to arrive. Although not all colors are available yet, we are receiving more colors all the time and are assured to expect all colors to be available by the end of the year, with color cards next on the list for production.

    October 2013


    DMC has 16 new floss colors that we now have in stock. Initially they are only being sold by DMC in gift boxes with one skein of each color (box includes some free charts for designs that use the new colors).

    September 2013

    Needlework System 4 is currently experiencing a shortage of parts needed to make up their products. Although we are well stocked with most items, we may run out of a few before we are able to get more (probably toward the end of September). If you need any of their items urgently, please contact us prior to ordering to verify that we have them in stock for immediate shipment.

    DMC new floss colors are expected in October. Initially they will only be available in gift boxes containing one each of 16 colors. We are told that in 2014 individual colors will most likely be available.

    Paternayan persian yarn is supposed to have a major number of colors available also in October. Although we have received several small shipments since this yarn became available again earlier this year, a large number of colors have yet to be dyed. We have great hopes that we will have most or all colors available again some time in October.

    Weeks Dyeworks has four new colors of overdyed floss:

    Gloriana has come out with 9 colors of regular silk floss:

    Gloriana also has 4 new colors of Florimell (soie d'alger) silk floss:

    Gentle Art has 3 new colors of hand-dyed cotton Sampler Threads. New colors are:

    July 2013


    August 2013

    Prairie Schooler's annual Santa card is here. This graph is $4.00.

    The Caron Collection has new colors of Snow metallic thread. New colors are:

    On another note, several colors of Impressions thread from the Caron Collection will not be available until the end of July.

    Brown Paper Packages has four new colors of Silk and Ivory. They are:

    Paternayan persian yarn continues to arrive in our store to restock empty drawers. Many colors have yet to be dyed but we are seeing steady progress and getting 25-50 more colors every few weeks.


    Copyright 2013-2020. All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.