Our two normal shipping methods are mail/post office and Fed Ex ground. For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, and to other countries, our normal shipping method is by mail and billed to you at actual cost.

Unless otherwise requested, we ship by the least expensive method. As a general rule, we find that packages weighing two pounds or less are best sent by mail (first class or priority) and those over two pounds are best sent by Fed Ex Ground. If your order is for books only, the least expensive shipping method is by media mail and we will ask if you prefer this method.


Our shipping chart is merely for your use in estimating the maximum shipping you might be expected to pay. We do not bill your credit card account at the time you submit an order. All orders are processed and billed manually, which allows us to determine the actual shipping cost before billing your card*. In the vast majority of cases, we do not actually charge the shipping charges shown. If your order is for small or lightweight items, such as thread, beads or buttons, or small pieces of fabric, you will pay much lower shipping charges than shown. Our minimum shipping charge for small orders in the US is $3.00 (subject to change without notice) and will increase with package weight and other added services such as delivery confirmation and insurance.

The reason shipping charges on our chart may appear high is that they are designed to cover the cost to ship heavy items. Some heavy items (for example stretcher bars) are inexpensive to buy but expensive to ship, so we have had to allow for that when creating the chart. If your order includes heavy items, the shipping charge you will pay may possibly but not necessarily be the maximum amount shown on our chart.

*If you plan to send your order to us with a check, you may wish to contact us first with your order details and request a shipping quote, to avoid overpaying for shipping.