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This page last modified March 4, 2014.

Needlework System 4 is a VERY popular product in our store (both because it is a great product and because we sell it for substantially lower prices than most retailers). It is so popular there is currently a shortage of some parts needed to make it. In spite of our best efforts, we do not have all items in stock for immediate shipment (it depends on which items you would want, we DO have some we can ship). While we wait for the manufacturer to send more to us (and we have a lot on order), you may wish to check with us for availability of specific items if you need them in a hurry.

Our best estimate for the next shipment to us by Needlework System 4 is Monday, March 10. It takes approximately 8 days for those shipments to arrive here so it will be around March 18 before we will be in a position to ship out most Needlework System 4 products.


Needlework System 4 is a brand of needlework stand that is made primarily of extruded aluminum (lightweight, strong and will not rust). Their primary product is a floor stand (available in regular and travel version) but they also make a version that clamps on to a table and another version that sits on your lap.

Floor_Stand_and_Frame_Clamp1x1.gif - 4304 Bytes
Floor_Stand_and_Scroll_Frame1x1.gif - 2809 Bytes
Needlework System 4 Floor Stand with Frame ClampNeedlework System 4 Floor Stand with Scroll Frame

Two main advantages of this floor stand are its small "footprint" - it does not take a large amount of floor space - and the ease with which it disassembles/folds down for storage. It takes two "components" to make a complete working stand. The first component would be the floor stand itself; for the second component you have the option of getting a "frame clamp" to hold stretcher bars, a scroll frame, or a Q-snap holder (Q-Snaps are white PVC plastic square or rectangular frames). You cannot use other brands of scroll frames in this stand, but you CAN use the dowels made by either K's Creations or Gripit in the Needlework System 4 scroll frame, for additional size options.

Due to extra charges to us when shipping some combinations of Needlework System 4 products (due to package dimensions and weight), an additional shipping surcharge could apply. If you order a combination that requires a shipping surcharge, we will let you know prior to shipping.


Floor_Stand_Browser_Safe1x1.gif - 4141 Bytes The Needlework System 4 floor stand weighs about 2.5 pounds (1.15 kilograms). It is totally adjustable in angle and height (up to a maximum height of 36"). It will fit under most furniture (requires only about 1 3/8" clearance or slightly over 3 centimeters).

Price for Needlework System 4 Regular Floor Stand: $125.00

Floor.jpg - 4747 Bytes To the left is a picture of the regular Needlework System 4 floor stand as it is collapsed for shipping (the shine in the picture is from plastic partially wrapping the stand)


TravelMate.jpg - 4641 Bytes

For the ultimate in portability, or for those who wish to travel with their Needlework System 4 floor stand, it is also offered in a travel version. Pictured to the left as it is packaged for shipping, this is almost identical to the regular floor stand (but is slightly heavier, almost three pounds, or 1.3 kilograms). The Travel Mate floor stand collapses down to about 27" (will fit in some luggage), and it is about 2" taller than the regular floor stand when fully extended. It was redesigned in 2009 so that it collapses in a telescoping fashion. It is raised by pushing a button and pulling up until the button clicks into place in an upper hole. Once it is fully extended, it is adjusted to the most comfortable working height merely by changing the angle of the upright leg of the stand (this is the same way the regular floor stand height is adjusted).

Price for Needlework System 4 Travel Mate Floor Stand: $150.00

TravelMate1.jpg - 2913 Bytes To the left is a closeup of the upper telescoping pushbutton used in the Travel Mate floor stand

FloorandTravelMate.jpg - 7659 Bytes Pictured to the left for comparison purposes are the Travel Mate Floor Stand on top and below it, the regular Floor Stand as they are packaged for shipping, so that you can see the difference in size. The shine in the picture is from plastic which is partially wrapping the stands for protection during shipping.


The Needlework System 4 lap stand will hold a Needlework System 4 frame clamp, small or medium scroll frame or Q-snap holder (you must purchase these separately; large scroll frame not recommended for use in lap stand).

Price for Needlework System 4 Lap Stand: $97.00

Lap1.jpg - 5089 Bytes Lap2.jpg - 5294 Bytes

A bonus feature of this lap stand is that the upright piece that holds the frame clamp, scroll frame or Q-snap holder is the same piece that is also used as an extension piece on the floor stand. If you have both a lap stand and a floor stand, when you are not using the lap stand you can remove this piece from it and attach it to the floor stand to get an additional 9" of reach (of course you can also buy this extension piece separately).

The lap stand base measures 16" wide by 10" and has a weight of about 3 pounds or 1.4 kilograms (this is the weight of the lap stand only; to this you would need to add the weight of your top which will vary depending on which top you use with it).

The lap stand as pictured on our website is the model currently produced by Needlework System 4. The model pictured on the manufacturer's website is an old design that is not being made any more.

LapClamp1.jpg - 5554 Bytes LapClamp2.jpg - 6276 Bytes Needlework System 4 lap stand with frame clamp
Lap stand with frame clamp
Lap stand with stretcher bars in frame clamp
LapScroll1.jpg - 7845 Bytes LapScroll.jpg - 8611 Bytes Needlework System 4 lap stand with scroll frame
Lap stand with scroll frame
Side view of lap stand with scroll frame
Needlework System 4 lap stand (requires Needlework System 4 brand frame clamp, scroll frame or Q-snap holder, sold separately) $97.00

TableClamp.jpg - 3586 Bytes Needlework System 4 Table Clamp clamps onto a table, and will hold either a frame clamp, scroll frame, or q-snap holder (purchased separately). It weighs 1 pound 12 ounces (.8 kg).

Price for Needlework System 4 Table Clamp: $122.00


Also available is an optional accessory that can be added to the Needlework System 4 floor stand (either variety) to make the stand reach even further. The extension piece will bring the working area of your frame about 9" closer to you. If you already own the Needlework System 4 lap stand, you also have the option of removing the upright curved piece from the lap stand (which is the same part as the extension piece) and using it as an extension piece on your floor stand.

radius1.jpg - 2873 Bytes

Price for Needlework System 4 Extension Piece: $29.00

radius2.jpg - 4952 Bytes
Extension piece added between floor stand and frame clamp

radius3.jpg - 4290 Bytes
Another view of extension piece with floor stand and frame clamp


FrameClamp1.jpg - 5573 BytesFrameClamp2.jpg - 5030 Bytes The Needlework System 4 Frame Clamp is designed to hold wood stretcher bars and weighs just under one pound (410 grams). Once attached to the floor stand, it rotates 360 degrees left or right so that you can easily flip to the back of your work - without loosening or tightening any knobs or wingnuts! In fact, it is SO easy to turn that many people are confused about how to turn the frame clamp. First of all, you do NOT turn it at the point where the frame clamp attaches to the floor stand. Once the frame clamp and floor stand are "mated" and the knob tightened to hold them together, you should not try to move them where they join. Instead, insert your stretcher bars in the frame clamp, and turn to the back by holding the stretcher bars on the left and right sides. Then push down on either the left OR the right side of the stretcher bar; the rotation works in either direction. The frame clamp jaw opens 1 1/2" wide and is made of safe plastic.

Price for Needlework System 4 Frame Clamp: $122.00

Scroll_Frame_siloutte1x1.gif - 5686 Bytes The Needlework System 4 Scroll Frame comes in three sizes. Each size is adjustable in width with a minimum and maximum width, depending on what size of dowels you use in it. In all 3 cases the metal scroll frame side bars measures 12" long. When the dowels are inserted the dowels are 11" apart so your maximum working area in height is just a little less than 11". If for some reason you prefer a smaller working area, additional holes are available on the side bars so that in addition to 11" apart you can also position the dowels 8 1/2" apart or 5 1/2" apart. Needlework fabric is attached to wood dowels by sewing (hand-basting works fine) to fabric tape that is attached to the dowels.

The Needlework System 4 scroll frame rotates freely 360 degrees (from top to bottom or in a vertical rather than horizontal direction) without the need to loosen or tighten knobs or wingnuts. To rotate it, do NOT try to force the scroll frame where it attaches to the floor stand. Rotate by pushing down on either the top or bottom scroll frame dowel.

Available scroll frame sizes are:

Small, adjusts from 12" wide to a maximum of 20" wide, ships with 12" dowels, weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces or 1.5 kilograms, price for small scroll frame is $114.00

Medium, adjusts from 18" wide to a maximum of 30" wide, ships with 18" dowels, weighs 4 pounds 7 ounces or 2 kilograms, price for medium scroll frame is $122.00

Large, adjusts from 24" wide to a maximum of 40" wide, ships with 30" dowels, weighs 5 pounds or 2.3 kilograms, price for large scroll frame is $150.00

QSnap1.jpg - 5884 Bytes QSnapFloorStand.jpg - 11066 Bytes Q snap lap frame.jpg - 36357 Bytes
Q Snap Holder
Q Snap Holder in Floor Stand
Q Snap Holder in Lap Stand

For those who prefer to mount their fabric in Q Snap brand frames, Needlework System 4 offers a Q Snap Holder. This will accommodate Q Snap frames from 8" wide to 17" wide (Q Snap frames are NOT included with Needlework System 4 stands and must be purchased separately). The Q Snap holder weighs about 1 pound or .4 kilograms

Price for Needlework System 4 Q Snap Holder: $122.00


lightholder.jpg - 4290 Bytes Light/Magnifier Holder attaches to the upright post of the floor stand or Travel Mate floor stand

Price for Needlework System 4 Light/Magnifier Holder: $58.00

Chartholder.jpg - 3153 Bytes
Sheet Holder attaches to the Light/Magnifier Holder and uses magnets to hold a chart in place. The flexible gooseneck part of the sheet holder measures approximately 24" from one end to the top of the rectangular sheet holder.

Price for Needlework System 4 Sheet Holder: $58.00

scissorstray2.jpg - 3652 Bytes
Scissors Tray -also attaches to the Light/Magnifier Holder.

Price for Needlework System 4 Scissors Tray: $35.00

beltscroll_200.jpg - 3462 Bytes
Belt Frame is a small scroll frame which rolls sideways rather than top to bottom and comes with 10" side dowels. It would be used on projects that are wide but not very tall (such as a belt).

Price for Needlework System 4 Belt Frame: $54.00

Below are individual prices for separate Needlework System 4 components, followed by some combination prices for a few of the more popular combinations that people order.
Regular Floor Stand only (requires a frame clamp, Needlework System 4 brand scroll frame or Q Snap holder to make a working stand) $125.00
Travel Floor Stand only (requires a frame clamp, Needlework System 4 brand scroll frame or Q Snap holder to make a working stand) $150.00
Lap Stand only (requires a frame clamp, Needlework System 4 brand scroll frame or Q snap holder to make a working stand) $97.00
Table Clamp only (clamps to a table, requires a frame clamp, Needlework System 4 brand scroll frame or Q Snap holderto make a working stand) $122.00
Frame Clamp to hold stretcher bars $122.00
Small Scroll Frame (12"-20"), comes with 12" dowels $114.00
Standard Scroll Frame (18"-30"), comes with 18" dowels $122.00
Large Scroll Frame (24"-40"), comes with 30" dowels $150.00
Q-snap Holder (8"-17")$122.00
Extension Piece$29.00
Light/Magnifier Holder$58.00
Scissors Tray (must be used with Light/Magnifier Holder)$35.00
Chart Holder (must be used with Light/Magnifier Holder)$58.00
Belt Frame (sideways scroll frame with 10" dowels)$54.00

Needlework System 4, combination prices
Needlework System 4 Regular Floor Stand with Frame Clamp $247.00
Needlework System 4 Regular Floor Stand with Standard (18"-30") Scroll Frame, comes with 18" Dowels $247.00
Needlework System 4 Regular Floor Stand with Large (24"-40") Scroll Frame, comes with 30" Dowels $275.00

Needlework System 4 Travel Floor Stand with Frame Clamp $272.00
Needlework System 4 Travel Floor Stand with Standard (18"-30")Scroll Frame, comes with 18" Dowels $272.00
Needlework System 4 Travel Floor Stand with Large (24"-40") Scroll Frame, comes with 30" Dowels $300.00

NdwkFloor.jpg - 4369 Bytes

Needlework System 4 has a metal rug frame system. This is really just a large scroll frame that attaches to TWO existing Needlework System 4 floor stands. Those who already own a single floor stand will need to buy an additional floor stand plus the special large scroll frame to make up the large rug frame. Those starting from scratch would need to buy two floor stands plus the special roller frame. This roller-type frame comes with 56" dowels but we are told any length of dowels would work in the system, provided they are compatible dowels (such as those made by K's Creations or Gripit; please note that some other brands of dowels will not work due to how the dowel ends are made). The working area in height (size between top and bottom dowel) for the rug scroll frame is 15".

The large rug scroll frame is $124.00; if you need the large rug scroll frame plus one floor stand (to use with a second floor stand you already own), the price will be $249.00. If you need to start from scratch and buy two floor stands plus the large rug scroll frame, the price will be $374.00. Additional shipping charges may apply depending on the configuration of products you order, due to the size and number of packages that must be sent and UPS surcharges for oversize packages.

With a product this expensive, people sometimes ask if it can be discounted. Our Needlework System 4 prices are already discounted by adding a much lower than normal markup, to make it as affordable for you as we can, so the prices we charge are firm. Remember, you are making an investment in a product that you will be using for many, many years to come.

K'S CREATIONS LAP FRAMES are very useful needlework frame holders. They are designed with an adjustable sliding base to hold stretcher bars or scroll frames of various sizes. When you don't have space or inclination for a floor stand, the K's Creations lap frame is excellent. It supports your frame on both sides - another similar type of lap frame on the market only supports the work on one side, so that it has a tendency to droop. These are really lap/table frames, as they can be used either on top of a table (it helps to clamp them to the table or to rest a heavy weight on them) or on your lap. They fold down for traveling. In 2010, K's Creations modified the manufacture of their lap stands, and also had a price increase. Lap stands will now be all wood (previously they were wood but with a plastic channel for sliding) and all new style frames will come with black tri-knobs instead of wing nuts. We will have a mix of old style and new style stands for a while.

frame.jpg (41145 bytes)
K's Creations Lap Frame with scroll frame

KsStandard-Base-Clamp.jpg - 3261 Bytes

K's Creations Lap Frame with Universal Clamp

There are three sizes of K's Creations Lap Frames: the Baby Base, adjustable from 9" to 13"; the Standard Base, adjustable from 13" to 22"; and the Large Base, adjustable from 22" to 34".

The K's Creations Lap Frame can hold either scroll frames or stretcher bars, depending on which attachments you buy. You can buy it with the scroll frame included or universal clamp included. Please note that if your existing scroll frame has no spare holes drilled on the side bars, or if the holes are drilled for a smaller-than-standard bolt, you will have to drill a new hole or increase the size of the existing hole in order to use it with the K's Creations lap frame.

If you order the universal clamp version of the lap frame, your frame will come with 10" "pivot arms" (these are the side arms that come up from the base to hold the clamps). If you order the scroll frame version of the lap frame, your frame will come with 7" pivot arms. You can also buy most of these parts separately if you already have some of the parts but wish to add others. (This all gets very confusing because there are so many permutations possible. If you have questions, please ask!). All K's Creations products come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

K's Creations Lap Frames used to come with wing nuts and a wooden wing nut tightener. Changes made to their product several years ago means all new lap frames now come with black triangular plastic knobs. Bases are now 100% wood without a plastic channel that used to come with old frames. Bases will now open up 2" wider than in the past.

K's Creations Lap Frame WITH SCROLL FRAME (comes with 7" pivot arms):

Baby Base with 9" scroll frame (new style) ..... $82.00
Baby Base with 13" scroll frame (new style) ..... $86.00
Standard Base with 13" scroll frame (new style) ..... $86.00
Standard Base with 16" scroll frame (new style) ..... $90.00
Standard Base with 18" scroll frame (new style) ..... $94.00
Standard Base with 20" scroll frame (new style) ..... $98.00
Standard Base with 22" scroll frame ..... $86.00 (old style while supply lasts) or $102.00 (new style)
Large Base with 22" scroll frame (new style, new price) ..... $102.00
Large Base with 24" scroll frame (new style, new price) ..... $104.00
Large Base with 26" scroll frame (new style, new price) ..... $106.00
Large Base with 28" scroll frame (new style, new price) ..... $108.00
Large Base with 30" scroll frame(new style, new price) ..... $110.00
Large Base with 32" scroll frame (new style, new price) ..... $112.00
Large Base with 34" scroll frame (new style, new price) ..... $114.00

KsStandard-Base-Clamp.jpg - 3261 Bytes

K's Creations Lap Frame WITH Universal Clamp (holds stretcher bars and Q-snap frames, comes with 10" pivot arms):

Baby Base (9" - 13") with Universal Clamp (new style, new price) ..... $104.00
Standard Base (13" - 22") with Universal Clamp (new style, new price) ..... $108.00
Large Base (22" - 34") with Universal Clamp (new style/price) ..... $112.00

KsUniversal-Clamp.jpg - 5326 Bytes
K's Creations Universal Clamps, per pair (to use with an existing K's lap frame to hold stretcher bars or Q-snaps) ..... $40.00

K's tri-knobs.jpg - 3104 BytesBlack Plastic Triangular Knobs to replace wing nuts, each knob ..... $1.85
z-frame.jpg - 3084 Bytes

K'S CREATIONS has another type of lap/table frame called the Z-frame. This stained oak frame is open on one side for easier access to your stitching. Unlike some similar frames on the market, it comes complete with easy-to-turn knobs that will not break, and it does not need to be disassembled for travel (it folds down to a relatively compact size in a jiffy). It may be ordered with a 16" scroll frame (but can hold smaller sizes if you desire) or with a clamping bar that will hold either stretcher bars or a Q-snap frame. The price for a Z-frame with 16" scroll frame version is $76.00; the price for a Z-frame with Universal Clamp is $78.00.

K'S CREATIONS LA PETITE frames are for smaller projects. With a smaller, nonadjustable base than the regular K's Creations frames, this may be ordered with a universal clamp to hold stretcher bars (stretcher bars not included) or with a 9" scroll frame. Also unlike the regular K's Creations frames, the La Petite uses only one arm to hold your work (this keeps the weight down and allows more clearance for your hand). The La Petite comes equipped with the nice black plastic triangular knobs on the stand itself so they do not need to be ordered extra; however, the La Petite with 9" scroll frame does come equipped with wingnuts on the scroll frame itself. If you wish to replace the scroll frame wingnuts (there are 4) with knobs, they will cost extra.

Lapetite-Scroll-Frame.jpg - 9791 Bytes
Lapetite-Clamp.jpg - 3319 Bytes
La Petite with 9" Scroll Frame
La Petite with Universal Clamp
Scroll-Frames.jpg - 8123 Bytes

K's Creations Scroll Frames consist of two side bars with two dowels. Your fabric is attached to the dowels with a running stitch, and the fabric is rolled up onto the dowels except the section you are working on. Various dowel lengths are available. PLEASE NOTE THAT 9" and 13" scroll frames will come with 7" side bars; while 16" through 34" scroll frames will come with 10" side bars. Also, when you buy scroll frames by themselves, not as part of a lap frame set, the scroll frames will come with four black plastic knobs rather than wing nuts, so it is not necessary to order extra knobs. Also see information below on the new "Perfect Tension II" side pieces that can be used in place of the standard scroll frame side pieces.

K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 9" ..... $28.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 13" ..... $30.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 16" ..... $32.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 18" ..... $34.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 20" ..... $36.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 22" ..... $38.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 24" ..... $40.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 26" ..... $42.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 28" ..... $44.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 30" ..... $46.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 32" ..... $47.00
K's Creations Scroll Frame only, 34" ..... $48.00

K's CREATIONS DOWELS (scroll rods) are available separately so that you can use your existing scroll frame side bars with different sizes of dowels. All prices are for a PAIR of dowels. Sizes of dowels not listed are available by special order.

K's Creations Dowels only, 9" ..... $13.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 13" ..... $14.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 16" ..... $15.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 18" ..... $16.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 20" ..... $17.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 22" ..... $19.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 24" ..... $20.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 26" ..... $21.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 28" ..... $22.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 30" ..... $23.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 32" ..... $25.00
K's Creations Dowels only, 34" ..... $25.00

K's Creations Scroll Frame Side Bars are also available separately (see also below the Perfect Tension II Side Bars).

K's Creations 7" side bars, one pair ..... $12.00
K's Creations 10" side bars, one pair ..... $14.00
K's Creations 12" side bars, one pair ..... $16.00
K's Creations 14" side bars, one pair ..... $18.00

perfecttension.jpg - 10411 BytesK's Creations "Perfect Tension II" side bars are to be used in place of regular side bars to make up a scroll frame (K's Creations claims they are compatible with most all scroll frames). They replace your existing side pieces. To use them, fabric is mounted to the wood dowels using the normal method of basting. The dowels are then inserted in the Perfect Tension II side bars with the "perfect tension" mechanism in the down position. The dowels are then rolled tight like normal and the wing nuts or plastic knobs on the end tightened. Finally, the black knobs at the top of the Perfect Tension II side pieces are turned to tighten the fabric beyond what was possible by manual tightening of the dowels. Perfect Tension side bars come in 5 sizes:

8" $30.00
10" $32.00
12" $34.00
14" $36.00
16" $38.00

10" HIGH PIVOT ARMS replace the standard 7" arms which are standard with the K's Creation scroll frames bases to hold the scroll frame. We find the extra height to be very useful as it gives you more free space for your hands, but if you travel with your lap frame a great deal, the extra height will result in a slightly larger lap frame to carry or pack (frames with universal clamps automatically come with 10" pivot arms).

Price per pair ..... $14.00
Ksboardholder.jpg - 10126 Bytes

MAGNET BOARD HOLDERS for K's Creations lap frames attach to a sidearm for you to use with a product such as the Loran magnet board (not included) for working from a graph.

K's Creation Magnet Board Holders ..... $28.00

STRETCHER BARS (standard width, 3/4") are an inexpensive product used to mount needlework, primarily needlepoint canvas, for stitching. Fabric/canvas is held taut without using damaging hoops, fabric is handled less, and work will distort less if these are used. Attach fabric or canvas with staple guns or brass tacks (sold below). Prices are per pair, and two pairs are needed to make one frame. Order stretcher bars of the same dimensions as the fabric or canvas (to mount a 12 by 16 inch piece of canvas, order one pair of 12" and one pair of 16" stretchers). Please inquire about availability of specific sizes prior to ordering if your need is urgent or you need a large quantity of a single size.

5" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.30
6", 7" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.35
8" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.40
9" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.45
10" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.45
11" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.50
12" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.60
13" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.65
14" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.65
15" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.70
16" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.70
17" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.80
18" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.80
19" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.80
20" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.90
22" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $3.75
24" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $3.80
26" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $3.80
28" stretcher bars, per pair ..... $3.95

MINI STRETCHER BARS are wonderful for smaller projects. They are only 1/2" wide. Not only are they lighter weight than regular stretcher bars, they also take up less space on the surface of your fabric or canvas, which is helpful if your project has a small margin. The mini stretcher bars are interchangeable with old Marie brand mini stretcher bars (no longer available). They are NOT interchangeable with standard size stretcher bars, and can only be used with other mini stretcher bars.

5" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.15
6" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.20
7" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.25
8" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.25
9" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.30
10" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.35
11" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.35
12" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.45
13" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.55
14" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.60
15" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.70
16" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.80
17" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.85
18" mini stretcher bars, per pair ..... $2.95

EVERTITE BRAND STRETCHER BARS are specially made wood stretcher bars which allow you to tighten your canvas or fabric while on the frame without removing and reinserting tacks. We stock this brand but it takes a very long time to get orders from this company (usually close to two months) so if you would like to buy them from us, it is recommended that you contact us first for availability in the size and quantity you need. Prices are also available upon request.

BRASS TACKS by Clover are sturdy, flat-topped tacks which are used to mount fabric on stretcher bars. There are 60 tacks to a package, with a plastic tack remover included at no extra charge (we recommend putting at least one tack every inch around the perimeter of the stretcher bars for best results).

Price per package of Clover Brass Tacks ..... $3.00

HARDWICKE MANOR HOOPS are a high quality brand of wooden embroidery hoops made of birch wood with a nice finish. They are very sturdy with heavy-duty hardware. They come in three hoop thicknesses, 5/16" (very thin), 5/8" (standard) and 1" (very thick).

THIN HOOPS (5/16")
































QSnap.jpg - 3881 Bytes
QSnap2.jpg - 5367 Bytes
QSnap3.jpg - 5430 Bytes
Q Snap Frame
Q Snap Frame with Clamps
Q Snap Frame Components

Q Snap frames are square or rectangular white needlework frames made of PVC pipe. Square or rectangular frames give you a bigger working area than round hoops. Each frame is made of four separate sides (letting you mix and match sizes) with four outer clamps that hold fabric onto the frame. You may easily adjust tension by rotating the outer clamps (in to loosen fabric or out to tighten it).

Q Snap frames come in the following sizes (measurements represent the outer dimensions of the frame with the inner or working area of the frame being about 1 1/2" less than stated sizes):
Q Snap 6 by 6.jpg - 9789 Bytes Q Snap 6" x 6" Frame $11.50
Q Snap 8 x 8.jpg - 11527 Bytes Q Snap 8" x 8" Frame $13.00
Q Snap 11 by 11.jpg - 8176 Bytes Q Snap 11" x 11" Frame $14.50
Q Snap 11 by 17.jpg - 8325 Bytes Q Snap 11" x 17" Frame $15.75
Q Snap 17 by 17.jpg - 8282 Bytes Q Snap 17" x 17" Frame $17.00

Extension kits for Q Snap frames are available in two sizes. The 14" extension kit will turn an 11" x 11" Q Snap frame into a 14" x 14" frame. The 20" extension kit will turn a 17" x 17" Q Snap frame into a 20" x 20" frame.

QSnapExtension.jpg - 3335 Bytes
Q snap extension
Q Snap 14 extension.jpg - 9919 Bytes Q Snap 14" Extension $8.50
Q Snap 20 extension.jpg - 7712 Bytes Q Snap 20" Extension $11.00

Q Snap Spare Pairs

A Q Snap Spare Pair consists of one-half (two pieces) of a Q Snap frame. This lets you mix and match sizes (for example, if you own an 11" x 11" Q Snap frame but want to turn it into an 11" x 17" frame, you can do so by using two of the 11" sides you already own and adding two 17" sides.
Q snap 8 spare.jpg - 4137 Bytes 8" Spare Pair $6.50
Q Snap 11 spare.jpg - 4697 Bytes 11" Spare Pair $8.25
Q Snap 17 spare.jpg - 3927 Bytes 17" Spare Pair $9.25


Lights and light/magnifier combinations are available from us made by a variety of manufacturers. Having said this, our current favorite brand of lights and magnifiers is the Daylight Lighting Company. This is due to a number of reasons but includes the range of products, affordability, quality of light and the excellent service this company provides.

Other lights available by special order include Ott-Lights and Dazor magnifying lights. With so many products it can get a little complicated choosing the best product for you, so please contact us with any questions you may have. We do have sample products of most of these lights set up in our store for those who are able to come here in person and try them out.

ttable_top_craft_lamp.jpg - 1824 BytesTable-top Craft Lamp from the Daylight Company offers daylight-quality fluorescent light, a 3-diopter 1.75x magnifier, and a very affordable price for a light-magnifier combination.

This lamp comes with an 18 watt daylight-quality fluorescent tube. The light is at the end of a flexible gooseneck approximately 24" long and the magnifier is on a flexible gooseneck approximately 19" long. The magnifier may be easily removed, if you wish to use this only as a lamp.

table_top_craft_lamp.jpg - 6810 Bytes

Table-Top Craft Lamp, $150.00

td90942_flexilens_on_clamp.jpg - 1515 BytesFlexilens with Clamp from the Daylight Company provides a magnifier only, when additional light is not needed. It is the same 5" diameter 3 diopter/1.75x magnifier used in the Ultimate Daylight Lamp. The magnifier is attached to an 18" flexible gooseneck, with a clamp that attaches to a table. A similar magnifier is available to sit on top of a table rather than attaching with a clamp, please inquire.

Flexilens with Clamp, $45.00

miniclip.jpg - 3658 BytesShort Flexilens on Miniclip by the Daylight Company is a very lightweight magnifier intended to be used directly on a frame such as an embroidery hoop or stretcher bar. Please note that the miniclip magnifier is NOT the standard magnifier used on other Daylight Company products. It differs by having a smaller (3.5") lens and a stronger magnifier (5 diopter/2.25X).

Short (7") Flexilens on Miniclip, $30.00

Long Flexilens on Miniclip by the Daylight Company is exactly the same magnifier as pictured and described above, except it has a flexible gooseneck that is 3" longer for a length of 10".

Long (10") Flexilens on Miniclip, $40.00

DAZOR CIRCLINE fluorescent magnifiers come with a circular fluorescent tube which nearly eliminates shadows. The 3 diopter optical glass lens, which is standard, magnifies items by 75%, and provides a 5" viewing area. You may buy the Desk Model Dazor Circline, which sits on top of a table (cannot be mounted on a floor stand); or the Dazor Circline with a Table Clamp to clamp onto a table (can be mounted on a floor stand as well); or the Dazor Circline with either a flat pedestal base or on a caster base (can be mounted on a table clamp as well). For more information on Dazor products, including pricing, please contact us.



After trying various brands of scissors from various countries, I continue to believe that among the best embroidery scissors on the market are those from Gingher. All Gingher embroidery scissors come with a leather sheath and a manufacturer's guarantee.

Gingher-G4.jpg - 2711 BytesGingher Model G-4 Embroidery Scissors are basic embroidery scissors (no fancy shape or finish) which measure 4" long and are chrome plated. This is slightly larger than most embroidery scissors. $30.00

Gingher Model G-4014 Embroidery Scissors are basic embroidery scissors identical to the G4 scissors listed above, EXCEPT that they have a larger finger hole, for use by those with larger hands or with enlarged joints such as may be caused by arthritis. $30.00

stork.jpg - 2358 BytesGingher Stork Scissors are 3" gold-plated embroidery scissors in the shape of a stork (the blades represent the beak; when you open and close the scissors blades the beak opens and closes). This is a very, very old design and very charming. These scissors are a great buy! $22.75

epaulet.jpg - 2994 BytesGingher Epaulette Scissors are another style of 3" gold-plated embroidery scissors. Like all Gingher scissors, these are excellent quality and a great buy! $22.75


Floss-a-Way Zip Lock Bags measure 3" x 5"" with a hole punched in one corner for placing on a hardware ring. They also have a place for writing down the thread name/color. The advantage of storing threads this way is that more than one skein/card/spool can be stored in a bag, and you don't have to spend time wrapping thread on a bobbin.

Econo-Pack of 100 Floss-a-Way bags (without hardware ring) ..... $7.60
Floss-a-Way Refill Pack of 36 bags (with 1" hardware ing) ..... $4.50
1 1/2" Thread Storage Ring (pack of two) ..... $1.65
2 1/2" Thread Storage Ring (pack of two) ..... $1.65
3" Thread Storage Ring (pack of one) ..... $1.65


Loran Magnet Boards are extremely useful for all forms of charted needlework (people who knit, crochet, tat, etc. find them useful for holding directions as well). The metal board comes with several magnetic strips which hold the pattern in place on the board, and which can be positioned immediately around the area of the pattern on which you are currently working. No one should be without one.

8" x 10" Loran Magnet Board is the most popular size. It comes with one 8", one 4" and two 3" magnet strips. ..... $6.50 each
18" x 12" Loran Big Board is for larger charts which you don't want to fold (unlike the smaller board, it has a lip along the bottom edge). Comes with the same magnet strips as the 8" x 10" board. ..... $13.00 each
Loran Line Magnifier is designed for use on the Loran Magnet Board. It enlarges a section of the chart for easier counting. ..... $7.50 each
Loran Folding Stand folds flat when not in use, but when open and placed on top of a table, holds the Loran Magnet Board in an upright position. ..... $9.75 each


TAPESTRY NEEDLES have blunt tips and large eyes, for counted thread embroidery and canvas embroidery. The higher the number, the smaller the size.The following needles are DMC brand.

Size 13, package of 2 ..... $1.25
Size 16, package of 6 ..... $1.25
Size 18, 20, 22, 24, or 26 (please specify size), package of 6 ..... $1.25
Size 28, package of 5 ..... $1.25

Also available are Bohin tapestry needles which are made in France. They have a nice finish that many stitchers prefer.

Size 20, 22, 24, 26 or 28 Bohin needles (please specify size), package of 6 ..... $2.70
Size 18, 20, 22, or 24 chenille needles (DMC brand), package of 6 (please specify size) ..... $1.25
Size 26 or 28 chenille needles (John James brand), package of 6 (please specify size) ..... $2.00

CREWEL NEEDLES are sharp, have shorter eyes than tapestry or chenille needles, and are most commonly used for non-counted embroidery. These are Hemming brand English needles. They are now coming labeled "Embroidery Needles" rather than "Crewel Needles" but the needles are the same.

Sizes 1, 2, 3, or 4
(one size per package of 12, please specify size)
..... $2.10
Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9
(one size per package of 15, please specify size)
..... $2.10
Size 10
(one size per package of 15
..... $2.10

MILLINER'S NEEDLES are longer than other needles and have fairly small eyes. They are excellent for making bullion stitches as they are the same diameter almost the entire length of the needle. They are known in some countries as "Straw Needles." These are Hemming brand English needles.

Sizes 1, 3, 4
(one size per package of 12, please specify size)
..... $1.85
Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
(one size per package of 15, please specify size)
..... $1.85
Size 11
(one size per package of 10)
..... $1.85

SHARPS are basic sewing needles, with sharp tips and small eyes, and are primarily used for sewing by hand.

Sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 (one size per package of 20, please specify size) ..... $1.85
Size 10(one size per package of 15) ..... $1.85
Size 11 and 12 (one size per package of 10, please specify size) ..... $1.85

BEADING NEEDLES FOR EMBROIDERY are shorter than other types of beading needles (and thus less fragile). They come with two different types of points, blunt (for counted thread or canvas work) and sharp (for other fabrics) but have eyes like tapestry needles, for easier threading. These are very small needles and will go through almost all beads, including size 14 or Mill Hill Petite beads. We primarily stock these with the blunt point; if you need these with sharp points please check with us for availability.

Size 10 Beading Needles, Blunt Point, price per package of 4 ..... $2.90
Size 12 (smaller) Beading Needles, Blunt Point, price per package of 4 ..... $2.90

wirethreader.jpg - 3215 BytesOLD-FASHIONED WIRE NEEDLE THREADERS are for threading sharps, crewels and other needles with small eyes. They are rather fragile.

Price each ..... 50

loranthreader.jpg - 2055 BytesLORAN TAPESTRY NEEDLE THREADERS are for threading larger eye needles, such as tapestry and chenille needles. Their unique design make threading simple - insert the threader in the needle eye, lay the thread over the hooked end of the threader, remove the threader - and your needle is threaded! The threader has a small hook on one end and large hook on the other, to accommodate both large and small needles.

Price each ..... $1.90

Needle Threaders from Klaer International comes in three varieties.

UltraFine.jpg - 3078 BytesThe Ultra Fine Threader is designed to be used with very fine needles (between size 12, sharp size 11 and 12, milliner size 11 and beading size 10 and 12). Stronger than other similar products, the wire threader is embedded into plastic so less likely to pull free. The wire can still break, especially if you try to pull through a thread that is too large or pull too forcefully; use with care.

Ultra Fine Threader, package of two, $3.60

AllPurpose.jpg - 5577 BytesAll-Purpose Threader is designed to be used with size 1-10 sharps, embroidery/crewel, milliners and between needles (for sizes 11 and 12 use the Ultra Fine Threader shown above). Like the Ultra Fine Threader, it is longer lasting than similar threaders because the wire is firmly embedded in the plastic. This threader comes with two bonuses: a built-in safe thread cutter, and a tiny hole to allow you to tie it to an object so that it does not get lost.

All-Purpose Threader, package of two, $4.20

NdwkThreader.jpg - 3981 BytesNeedlework Threader is designed to be used with both tapestry and chenille needles, which have long eyes. Surprisingly, it is even designed to be used with needles as small as size 28 tapestry and chenille (but we are told by the manufacturer that it will not fit in the smallest of the Piecemaker brand tapestry needles). Like the All-Purpose Threader, it comes with a built-in thread cutter and hole for attaching to other objects such as a pair of scissors.

Needlework Threader, package of two, $4.60

ALSO AVAILABLE is a gift pack containing one each of the above three threaders, for $6.80.

NEEDLE SAFES are small flat plastic cases with magnetic liners. They will hold not only needles but also small scissors, tekobaris, etc. They now come in two sizes:

needlesafe.jpg - 2037 Bytesopenneedlesafe.jpg - 2357 BytesRegular Needle Safe, 1" x 4" x " ..... $9.00
largeneedlesafe.jpg - 2064 BytesExtra Deep Needle Safe, 2" x 43/8" x " ..... $10.00


trolleyneedle.jpg - 2092 BytesTROLLEY NEEDLES are made of large tapestry needles which have been welded to adjustable metal rings. Wear one on the finger of your choice, and lay your thread over it as you stitch to control thread twist and tension. This is not as precise a laying tool as the tekobari but does have the advantage of leaving both of your hands free for grasping.

Price each ..... $9.00

CLOVER BRAND AWLS are very well made with sharp points (much better than the awls you typically find in a fabric store). They are used for piercing holes in fabric (such as small broderie anglaise eyelets), and are also useful for enlarging a hole in needlepoint canvas, as is sometimes required to allow a heavy thread to pass through, or to make an eyelet.

There are two types of awls available. One is used to make very small holes of a uniformly small size (about 3/32"). The other type can be used to make various sizes holes up to about 5/32" (the awl itself gets larger than that but there is a limit to the size of a hole that can be enlarged in fabric - larger eyelets are best made by cutting).

awl.jpg - 1383 BytesSmall, uniform diameter awl ..... $5.00
taperedawl.jpg - 1434 BytesLarger, graduated diameter awl ..... $7.75

koma.jpg - 1800 BytesKOMA are Japanese wood spools used in metal thread embroidery. They have a squared off top and bottom to prevent them from rolling when laid down. Real metal threads are wound on them prior to stitching. Sold in pairs, as metal threads are typically couched in pairs.

Price per pair ..... $15.00


unclebill.jpg - 1880 BytesUNCLE BILL'S TWEEZERS are not extremely sharp, but grip well at the tip. They are approximately 2" long. They are useful for removing cut threads, pet hairs, etc. from fabric.

Price each ..... $8.50

bodkin.jpg - 2038 BytesBODKINS are a little like big, flattened needles. Use them to thread ribbons, etc. through a channel - they are a MUST for inserting other threads in Rachel.

Price each ..... 60

bunka.jpg - 3759 BytesNAP BRUSH (also known as a "Bunka Brush") is a device that is used to raise a nap on your stitching (makes it fuzzy) to achieve realistic furry effects, etc.

Price each ..... $8.00

beadnabber.jpg - 4375 BytesBEAD NABBERS by Loran make it much easier to sew beads onto needlework. Worn on your finger, they have a tip that will pick up and grip several beads at once, ready to be put on the tip of your needle.

Price each ..... $1.90
Replacement Pads for Bead Nabber (includes 7 replacement pads) ..... $2.75

If you are looking for an accessory not listed here,
please contact us as we do have others in stock.

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