NdptBook.jpg - 10445 BytesThe Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen is no longer available from us.

The Needlepoint Book no longer sold by us

NewAtoZNeedlepointA-Z of Needlepoint by Country Bumpkin is not the most comprehensive needlepoint book in terms of the number of stitches it covers, but it is an excellent guide to approximately 65 different stitches, including many common stitches. Where this book excels, as with all the other A-Z stitch books by this publisher, is in the clear, step-by-step photographs with written directions that illustrate how to execute all steps of a stitch, rather than assume a single diagram is enough. For me, a litmus test of how clearly a book explains how to do a stitch is the explanation of the turkey work stitch (in this book called "Rya Stitch", although it is cross-referenced in the index under the name Turkey Work). This book has an excellent illustration of this as well as many other popular stitches. Please note that this title is not currently available.

A-Z of Needlepoint (2015 reprint of 2005 original, 125 pages, paperback) $19.95

suzyssmall.jpg - 3863 BytesSuZy's Small Stitches by SuZy Murphy is out of print and out of stock.

suzyssurprize.jpg - 8759 BytesSuZy's Surprize Stitches by SuZy Murphy is out of print and out of stock.

SuzyMini.jpg - 9069 BytesSuZy's Mini Stitches by SuZy Murphy is out of print and out of stock.
suzyslite.jpg - 7666 BytesSuzy's Lite Stitches is out of print and out of stock.  
suzysdarn.jpg - 8104 BytesSuZy's Darn Stitches by SuZy Murphy is out of print and out of stock.
SuzysPortable.jpg - 3385 BytesSuZy's Portable Stitches by SuZy Murphy is out of print and out of stock.
stitchersforeffect.jpg - 4434 BytesStitches for Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson is a book of decorative stitches that can be used on painted canvases. In addition to stitch information, the book also contains information on threads (it has a lot of references to what I consider novelty threads, which in years to come may welldisappear). There are four different indexes: a thread index, a stitch index, an effectindex and a general index, to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Stitches for Effect (1996, 65 pages, wirebound paperback) $28.50

morestitches.jpg - 3452 BytesMore Stitches for Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson expands on the first book. In addition to descriptions of many of the currently available threads, it has charts which suggest thread weights on various canvas meshes and fabrics. Then a number of stitches are given that augment those in Stitches forEffect. Like the first book, there are multiple indexes.

More Stitches for Effect (1997, 79 pages, wirebound paperback) $31.50

evenmorestittches.jpg - 4534 BytesEven More Stitches for Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson is the third title by these authors. In this book they have updated thread information and embellishment information published in their previous books. The new book also contains a comprehensive "Effect" index (i.e., suggestions for stitching specific items or to achieve specific effects) that includes all stitches in all three books, not just the latest (I guess that means you had better own Volumes 1 and 2 if you don't want to be frustrated using the index in Volume 3!). The new book includes over 100 stitches, and this time some of the stitches are larger than those that have appeared in the previous 2 books. The stitches appear in the book in alphabetical order. This book tends to have some more unusual stitches and stitch combinations than a lot of the needlepoint stitch books, so you will surely find some new ideas (and FINALLY they have included the criss-cross hungarian stitch which should be in ANY book of needlepoint stitches, in my opinion).

Even More Stitches for Effect (2000, 87 pages, wirebound paperback). $33.50

stitchestogo.jpg - 3263 BytesStitches to Go by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson is a small format book designed to be taken on trips or to workshops. This book contains ALL the stitch diagrams (but none of the suggestions as to how to use them) that appear in the three books Stitches for Effect, More Stitches for Effect and Even More Stitches for Effect. Stitches are listed in alphabetical order. The book is only 64 pages and measures about 8 1/2" x 5" and weighs very little - perfect for throwing in a purse, a tote bag or your carryon luggage. Please note that this is designed as a stitch book for needlepoint/canvas embroidery rather than a comprehensive book for all needlework techniques.

Stitches to Go (2004, 64 pages, wirebound softcover) $24.00

knots.jpg - 7679 BytesKnots, Fur & Turkey Work by Meredith Barnhill Willett and Beth Robertson is a slim book (especially considering the fact the pages are printed on only one side) but it contains a wealth of information on creating very textured stitches on canvas. There is no reason the stitches must be done only on canvas, but all the illustrations in the book are on canvas. In addition to common stitches, it also includes several that are rarely diagrammed or explained. The book is divided into three main categories: knots, fur and turkey work (hence the title!). The book is well illustrated, with clear color photographs that show samples, as well as black and white numbered stitch diagrams. As many of the stitches in this book are known by more than one name, it helpfully lists alternate names for many of the stitches. As many needlepointers know, it is always a challenge finding good stitches for beards, fur and other similar areas, and this book offers many alternatives.

Knots, Fur & Turkey Work (2005, 34 pages, wirebound softcover) This book is currently out of print and out of stock. 

encyclcanvas.jpg - 11670 BytesThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery, Volume One by Jane Zimmerman is no longer available from us. Sorry.
ultimateency2.jpg - 10493 BytesThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery, Volume Two by Jane Zimmerman contains 433 different needlepoint stitches. Stitch types in this book consist of diagonal, crossed, woven, tied and miscellaneous stitches. Some of the stitches in Volume One appear in Volume Two, but in different variations. Stitches are illustrated with both drawn diagrams (with stitch sequences numbered in most cases) and black and white photographs of completed stitches.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery, Volume Two (2008, 175 pages, wirebound paperback) $48.00

canvasbandsborders.jpg - 6973 BytesCanvas Work Bands and Borders by Jane D. Zimmerman is just what the title says, a book of bands and borders that can be stitched on needlepoint canvas, using traditional canvas stitches. They are designed to cover the canvas completely, assuming that the correct weight of thread to cover adequately is chosen (there are some exceptions to this in an appendix containing darning patterns). The bands and borders are grouped according to the type of stitches used; included are a number of Florentine/Bargello embroidery patterns.
Canvas Work Bands and Borders (1999, 157 pages, wirebound paperback) $34.95
traditionalsilk.jpg - 7785 BytesTraditional Silk and Metal Thread Techniques on Canvas by Jane Zimmerman contains a brief history of silk and metal thread embroidery, a technical section on materials, and continues with a large number of patterns (more than 320) which may be stitched on the even grid of a needlepoint canvas. Detailed instructions are also included for stitching two samplers which will allow you to explore some of the techniques covered in the book.

Traditional Silk and Metal Thread Techniques on Canvas (1995, 199 pages, wirebound paperback) $37.95


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